Un-Snare the Self-Traps!

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Whatever holds us back is a minute tab;
It is the merest lurch, a queer-quirk of
An unsure search.

It is a lab in which we practice
Patience and restraint, and acquire
Opportunities to overcome the fearful
Insecurities that do us taint.

What stifles us is the mound of a
Fleshly age, the toothpick monolith
That holds our dragon-rage at bay.

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Our capabilities cannot be stated.
Why would we believe the insults laid
Upon us by a system only wishing to enslave?

A system that told us only to behave,
To make sure and only do one thing,
And to tune out the Cosmos along
With the luminous song She sang?

Instead let us stifle the venomous
Voice of doubt, the grim hand that
Descending tries to snuff our candle out.

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The trap that seems external
Yet is really placed within,
The fright that seems our rival
But is actually our friend.

What snares us is astonishment towards
Transcendence of potential, what scares us
Is the paradise that lies beyond the mental.

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Art & Poem
By @d-pend

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@d-pend thank you for the truth you speak in this piece that resonates with me all the way back to the civil rights days of the 60's. It truly is about a journey of discovering who we are and living that truth and letting no one take us off our game and if we know the truth don't regress and trip. Thank you. Upvoting and Resteeming!!

Wow, thanks for that @rensoul17..! It definitely can be a laborious and humbling process to see that we are the ones that hold ourselves back. As far as not regressing, yeah we gotta almost have the intensity and focus of the warrior to keep ourselves on track at times!

Even my English is not perfect, but I do feel what You meant to write! I am experiencing also "we believe the insults laid
Upon us by a system only wishing to enslave?" Amazing work!

Glad it was able to convey the meaning!

Lately I feel a lot like I have been trapping myself within, denying myself. I fear to be just an empty shell and nothing of value.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I appreciate you sharing that @m31. The experience of Void can be harrowing, at times.

  • Like a Silk Hammer - namaste


Great article keep it up @d-pend your work is really not bad

the art is mesmerizing.... great work

Thanks a lot @gotmeens!

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great one! followed and upvoted waiting you to upvote mine <3

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Very beautiful post! @d-pend

I think it is a part of our life's mission to navigate through all those self doubts, those stop gaps, those fears. I can honestly say that experience and age have given me more courage and fortitude to strive deeper within. Can you image when I turn 100 I will be fearless!!! Have a great day.

I am so happy to hear about your wonderful experiences working with nature and plants and soil. It is so grounding and refreshing. I can feel your extra energy and purity from nature. Take care!!! :D