Quote of the day: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

Dear Steemit friends and followers,

I would like to share another interesting quote with you today.

Source: Quote Fancy, author: Richard Bach, renowned American writer

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

What do you think of this inspirational quote, my fellow Steemians? Do you also believe that those who argue for their limitations, for things they say they cannot do, so that they will stuck with them forever? And what is your attitude to limitations in general?

Let me know in the comments, I am looking forward to reading your opinions and stories :)

Have a wonderful day and Steem on!

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First we all know what are our limitations and what are our weakness, Its human nature that we We always appose criticism, and that is wrong, criticism in my point of view is a good thing, it tells you where you are lacking, it tells you what are your weaknesses. You can learn from these arguments and your weakness. Make them your strength, people will tell you your weaknesses and you have a great chance to improve them :)

Constructive criticism and feedback for sure is a good thing.

@czechglobalhosts, Absolutely brilliant encouraging quote of Richard Bach's you posted through quote of the day. For humans definitely argue their limitations. Without limit for every task can't find success or can't go ahead. There are so many examples. Peoples must need to keep alcohol limit if they're using over limit. Also don't need to addict for everything. If you're addict something your life gonna down to the hell definitely. Maybe some persons going to computers exceeding limit daily. It's not good for our health and mind. Someday their eye can be no view. Lot of problems have through exceed limitations. So better way to argue your limitations.

I am completely sure that we put the limitations ourselves. Many times we establish limits because we are afraid and in our head they become reality. The correct attitude is not to settle for less than what we can achieve and not establish barriers without trying. If we combine our desire to try it with our talent, effort and perseverance, I am sure that we can achieve great things.

yep, absolutely agreed!

I take this quote as, there aren't any limitations they are just our fears which prevent us from going beyond. We fear from our society and from people and keep thinking what people will say? We should be our own boss and shouldn't care for the people!

I like the way you are thinking or putting things in the perspective - there aren´t any limitations.

I am a huge believer in the fact that thought is creation! The dominating thoughts in our minds are what our subconscious minds transmute into reality. It is through our subconscious mind that we connect with infinite intelligence, so having said that - what I do when I feel a negative thought coming on, is I consciously negate it and replace it with a positive thought flow.
It is important to know that the subconscious does not discriminate between negative and positive thoughts, so be sure to stay positive!

Agreed totally agreed. Cause there is. A similar saying my mother language ( Apni Chaadar daikh kr paon phelao) which means deliberately bit same to your this Quote. Am nit buttering anyone but it meant accordingly to my personality that I should argue and oftentimes defending myself for my own works, my own life about any aspect of my life. Thanks for sharing

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

This is an absolute fact. Sometimes it is us who limit ourselves rather than the circumstances. At the end of the day you and I are both born free to chooses are paths, free to be what we choose to be and what stops us from it can be as much a product of outside world as much as it can be the fear inside of us.

Thus we choose our limitations and not the world

I know people who seem to have many limitations and have done incredible things. I think that limitations are like fear; sometimes it turns out to be just an illusion and not reality. Everything is about trying to do things, taking risks and daring to get good results. I always liked this phrase "want is power"

The important part of this quote does not realize that there are limits that exist, but you know what your own is, and do not sell yourself. Do not say that you can not if you can. Remind correctly that you do not want to do so, but do not argue against your abilities (another way of saying "to argue your limitations"). If you say so often, you may begin to believe your lies, and it will be a waste of your talent.

This phrase reminds me of "Limits, like fear, is often an illusion." I believe that our attitude towards those limitations that we create at times must be to challenge them with courage and to say to ourselves: I can. If we want to do something from the heart, we can do that and much more.

Excellent appointment Tomas, thanks for sharing. The limitations are in the mind of each human being, not in a disability and motivation goes beyond achieving an objective, is based on the desire to achieve everything that is proposed, overcoming the barriers that are or limit

The wise can recognize the fool because he is wise. On the other hand, the ignorant person
can not recognize, because he is silly. Conquering the argument is not an intelligent act, but an intelligent work is not to get into the argument.

I like synchronicity.

Today someone was telling me about the limitations he has with the language and I said to him What limitations? We have trasnlators online you know. Spanish is my native language and I'm learning english and I think I understood your quote of the day and I liked so much because by arguing my limitations I can break them and become a better version of me. :D I'm sure you do the same.

Very inspiring and insightful quotation, dear Tom @czechglobalhosts...
The quote above makes us all always humble ... and thus increasingly makes us always try better and better ...

Thanks for sharing & have a great day...😀☕❤

One philosopher said: People are three
types. A group of people are like food that
they always need. The other class is
people who like medicines sometimes need them. Another type of person is a disease that you do not need.

Yes this is ture you can live better by applying this quote in your life.

Arguing for your limitations is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The quote also puts the focus on limitations rather than possibilities. It's sort of a warning more than an inspiration to me.

You should stick to your goals. If you will keep saying I can't do this from the beginning, you will never want to try that specific thing. The more you will argue with the limitations like telling it that I am the one who can do this job. The idea is to show it our abilities. In this way we can overcome it.

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