Motivation #9 "Success is the Best Revenge"- RATAN TATA

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There is a say in English that

"Success is the Best Revenge".

Today I am going to talk about a such stop of Ratan Tata In which He took the revenge of his insult by success.


Guys Before starting the story, Let me tell you something about him.

Ratna Tata was born on December 28, 1932 in Mumbai. He is the grandson of Tata Group founder Jamsetji Tata. In 1991, he was made the Chairman of the Tata Group. After that Tata Consultancy Services was started under the supervision of Ratan Tata. After that, he carried the companies like Tata Tea, Tata Motors, Tata Steel at the top.

The Indian government has awarded Ratan Tata twice to Padma Vibhushan. This honor is the respect of the third and second highest citizens of the country.

Tata's business has spread over 100 countries. And about 6.5 millions employees work in his company.

Friends, Tata Group's biggest thing is that they donate 66% of their profits to the poor.

Friends, I hope that now you know a bit about Ratan Tata. So let's talk about that incident in which Ratan Tata gave the answer of his insult by success.


It is a matter of that time when the Tata Group launched the Tata Indica car in the market in 1998. It was the dream project of Ratan Tata. He worked hard for this. But the Indica car did not get good response from the market. Due to which Tata Motors was going to the deficit in a few years. Tata Motors' partners suggested Ratan Tata to sell Tata Motors so that the loss in the car business could be recovered. And even without wanting, Ratan Tata had to decide to sell the company. He offered to sell his company in front of Ford Company with the partners of Tata Motors. Whose headquarter is in America. The meeting of Ratan Tata and his partners lasted about three hours with Ford Company.

Ford's chairman, William Clay Bill Ford, behaved a lot of mischief with Ratan Tata. And in other things it was said that when you do not have any knowledge about this business , why did you spend so much money to launch this car?

And in other things it was said that By Purchasing your company, I am doing favors at you.

This thing hurted Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata felt humiliated on this matter. He left the deal at that time and went back with his partners. Ratan Tata did not forget about those things of Bill Ford. Those things were coming repeatedly in Ratan's mind. After that Ratan Tata had decided not to sell his company to anyone.


After that Tata worked hard to grow that company. Right in front of the eyes, His company became very famous in the market and earned a lot of name in the market. And he earned much profit.

On the other side, Ford company was going in Loss. And At the end of 2008 the company was on the brink of bankruptcy.

At that time, Ratan Tata had proposed to buy their luxury car Jaguar and Landrover in front of Ford Company. And in turn he said to pay a good amount to Ford. Bill Ford accepted the offer gladly because he was already facing loss due to Jaguar and Landrover.

Just like that, Bill Ford reached the headquarter of Ratan Tata with his partner, like Ratan Tata went to meet Ford. It was decided in the meeting that Jaguar and Landrover brands under the 9300 millions would be subject to the Tata Group. But This time the talk was a bit positive.

Ford said that you are doing a great favor to us by buying our company.

Today Jaguar and Landrover are part of Tata Group. And moving forward with good profits in the market. If Ratan wanted, he could retort Ford in that meeting, but Ratan Tata did not do this because he was not intoxicated in his success.

This is the trait that shows the difference between a successful and a great person

When a person is humiliated,
the result is anger,
but the great people use their anger to achieve their goals.

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This is such an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing!

Thankyou very much.

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Great post, but what I really took away was the fact he /they donate that much of their profits to good works.....many others could take note of that
b.a. :)

Yes, He is a great man. He always share a big part of his salary to good works. Thanks dear for your kind words.