There is no alternative to education if you want to manage life in a beautiful and orderly manner

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By acquiring education, it is necessary to create a favorable environment for the people not only for themselves but also for enhancing self-abilities.

The aim of education is to achieve self-power
Education enlightens people. The main objective of education is to increase self-interest, man's ability. In many cases man can not understand his own strength because self-power is in a state of dormancy. Education helps to awaken the latent power. The need for education to strengthen its position in the world. So education has been made mandatory up to a certain level throughout the world. Education is the fundamental right of the people. Because we know that nobody can succeed without taking the education. And those who are illiterate and do not learn, they can not develop their own strength. It has to be achieved that helps in enhancing the capabilities and capabilities of people and adapt to adverse environmental conditions.

Self-teaching teaches people to be self-reliant, develops people and makes strong spirits. Self-confidence is a mirror of confidence. Therefore, education that can educate the dormant talent is not educated in traditional education. To be successful in life, many sufferings have to endure, many obstacles have to be overcome. No one can deal with such adversity if he does not have his own qualifications. And this qualification is achieved through education. It also shows the way to correct people's error-fixes. But the education that can not increase self-confidence is not real education. Because the main purpose of education is to increase the human ability and qualifications.

If there is no self-power, then people become dependent on others. Which is not acceptable to anyone. Therefore, by adopting education, it is possible to become self-reliant and make itself worthy of the country and society.

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The only danger with self teaching that one has to be aware of and mindful of is a lack of opposition. If there is no one there to challenge you when you develop ideas then wrong ideas that you believe will be as "right" to you as actual right ideas. You'll never be forced to validate them, thus never be forced to correct them. Often until it's much too late.


I appreciate your point of view. Thank you.

agreed ....... ;-) and in today's world education is a must .....;-)

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you always have the best content

I think what is more important is understanding of how things works and the hunger for learning, rather than amassing degree and certification. Any education is gone waste if you are not applying it for the greater good of yourself or the others.

Just saying.