"Kuba" Mosque

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Kuba Mosque in Saudi Arabia's Medina is the first mosque in Islam. After our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sm) Hijrah, he laid the foundations of this mosque in Medina for quite some time. The distance from Mosque to Nababi is five kilometer.

Mosque of the Mosque, Mosque Nawabi and mosque in the mosque only after the honor of Kubera and Fazilata in the mosque. The mosque has been discussed in the Qur'an and a special quality has been appreciated by the people surrounding the mosque.

There is a lot of excellence in offering prayers to the Kuba in the mosque. In the mosque Kubaya prayers are proven by numerous hadiths. For example, Hadrat ibn Umar ra Narrated'Aisha: The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to ride or walk to the mosque in Kubah and offered two rak'ah prayers. In another hadith, every Saturday on the Prophet They used to come to Kuba. (Bukhari-Muslim). In another Hadith it is narrated that the reward of offering prayers in Kabba in the mosque is equivalent to one Umrah. (Tirmidhi) is the Prophet Further, the person who wishes to purify his house properly (who performs prayers according to Sunnat) will be given a similar reward like Umrah after coming to Kuba in the mosque. (Ibn Majah) so is the Messenger of Allah From every era, every Saturday became the habit of the people of Madinah to go to the mosque to pray for Kuba. Their work continues today.

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