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RE: 🚀 🌕 moonSTEEM Update : Preparing for V2

in #moonsteem4 years ago

I think it might became harder to win after this change because currently, let's say, if we're martingaling, we could bet 1 steemie, then 2, then 4, etc; we have really huge delta between MAX_BET and the MINIMUM_BET which is good for martingale. After the update Martingale is going to be 1000 times less effective or about that. So we will have to adjust scripts and everything accordingly. But anyways, I am interested to see new update, @moonsteem .


Jup, I think that is one of the reasons for the update. To make it a bit harder for martingale users and other such systems.

Thats exactly my point. I think I'm out then.

It's called gambling for a reason... Not "free money here!"

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