Free Steemies to get start on MoonSteem!

in moonsteem •  2 months ago

Hi guys,

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.23.10 PM.png

Right now there are two ways to obtain free Steemies to get Start:

1. Register an account if you haven't done (get 100 free Steemies to get a start):

2. Upvote MoonSteem posts/ comments (please note: you must have an account on MoonSteem first)

Please vote with as much voting power as you could, you will receive free Steemies accordingly.

Then, from this Steemies, you can start your journey on MoonSteem!

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Hi, i'm now also playing the game. I see your affiliate link to late or i would have used it to sign up my account. Anyway this is my strategy, what do you think?