Great job getting stick in there with SafeMoon..... it is just unreal right now. I got in there with 2 BNB and got out with 4 BNB and was happy but I should have got back in last dip but I didn't and the thing took off like crazy.

What other ones are you looking to get into? I'm wanting to get into some more Degen stuff on the Binance Smart Chain!

Thanks yeah I only got in with 1 BNB or so $400 to $500 worth. Haven't sold any. I really haven't looked into others. On BNB smart chain/pancakeswap I have $BANANA, $CUB, $CAKE, $ALPACA, $SAFEMOON, and $MRAT. There is one called Moon people were telling me to review on YouTube. I just did a video on Safemoon that kind of blew up on YouTube. 40k views in 1 day! haha.

Nice, I'm going to watch what happens with SafeMoon pricing and if it dips down really low I'm going to get back in on it.

I'm on CUB Finance, Pancake Swap, Bunny, AutoFarm and MoonRat Finance