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Thank, you to all the Moonies who have given us an amazing ride of the past year!

Being the first ever Subscription based upvote bot service on SteemIt makes us feel proud. We have served over 18,000+ Votes! over our time and have a following over 1,000 Moonies and 700 + in discord!

We've had hundreds of subscribers on the ship and want to thank each one of you!

The Future ?

Moonbot is here for the long run. The Steem blockchain is the future. We'll see hundreds of thousands of active users over the next few years so this is the place to be to run a service or business.

Extra News!

We will be having @blissfish join our suite of services to our minnows just starting. You can win a 100% upvote from the service by simply sending in some some Steem dust! make sure to check it out!

Join our Discord:


Oh, and join our curation trail.

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Congrats and happy birthday to the moonship!!! Moonbot is one of my favorite services on steemit!!

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Thank you @mimismartypants for your support! means a ton :)

Easy to support such a great project!! I'm actually quite keen to do a review post. Can you give me exact deats on pricing and upvote value?? Hard to get with steem being as volatile abd you guys keep running promos!! And also, votes are once a day in 24 hour period right? I also would like to give a sub away as a prize!! So do i just add the persons name to the memo?

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Yes! thanks :)
I'll get you the details here shortly. Yes, once every 24 hours. Someday we'll have it where there can be more but with the price the way it is we'll have to wait till it goes up. Yes, just enter in the name of who you want to register as a prize. Good idea!

So the deats are to join its 1 sbd or 1 steem . Right now the value per upvote is 0.07 - 0.10 cents because we do have a trail that follows it. We are doing it more then 31 days typically do to the low price of both SBD and Steem so roughly a renewal typically comes at 45 days.

Awesome!! Thanks for the info!!! Really helps!! Will let you know when im up and running!!

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Happy 1st Birthday!! 🌝 And Congratulations!!!

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Thanks @ackhoo mean a lot!


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Happy Birthday @moonbot. I will never forget when and where it all started. Do you still have the screenshots of when the Moonbot idea was born?

Thank you @businesswri much appreciated. I'll have to dig up some screenshots of when we first started it!