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RE: Darkest Moments Of My Life

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I just imagine what pain they'll be going through right now.

I imagine the agony, the grief.

Worse still, I imagine their regrets of a life-time.

I imagine them knowing they are the architects of an irreparable loss... The death of their loved one by their very hands.

Worse still, I imagine the wrath of the law which doesn't most times spare.

Many won't be able to live with it.
Many won't be able to let go of it.

Yet, I can only imagine.
Never been there.
Don’t want to be.
My way of identifying with everyone presently there.


I imagine the coldness that will be stuck with them at that moment of execution, I don't believe that a criminal who is about to be executed is the same person who committed that crime. I do believe people can change. These guys will just walk right up to the electric chair. They wont even be forced by the staff. By that point, they've already accepted what will happen." it's a terrible feeling .

Just unimaginable feeling...