Super Blue Blood Moon at Indian Bread Rocks

in moon •  10 months ago

Tonight we have a very special moon... a combination of a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Blood Moon! I'm told that this is a combination we will not experience again in our lifetimes. Check out the moon rising to begin its epic night!


A Blue Moon is when we have two Full Moons in the same month, and is a rare occurrence. Perhaps you've heard the phrase 'Once in a Blue Moon'? This is our second Full Moon in January.

A Super Moon is when the Moon is at its closest to Earth, causing it appear larger in the night sky. The light of the Moon is so bright tonight that I can clearly see my shadow on the ground... it's eerie!


A Blood Moon is a Lunar Eclipse caused by the Sun's light being filtered by the Earth's atmosphere to remove the Blue leaving only the Red to hit the Moon's surface.

The Lunar Eclipse doesn't happen until early tomorrow morning. I'll have to climb a small mountain to be able to see it from where I'm at in Indian Bread Rocks near Tuscon in Arizona. If I manage to make it up there in time, I'll make another video and/or take some pictures to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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The moon is in cancer too, if ninja is remembering correctly?.. Intense emotional energies. How is this incredible/rare astrological phenomn affecting wizard cahlen? Ninja has been experiencing extreme emotions on all levels of the spectrum today.
Thanks for sharing! (SMOKEBOMB!)


cough cough Whoa... I feel amazing! Whatcha putting in those smoke bombs, Ninja? Multifunctional, I like your style!

I heard the moon is actually in Leo. Wizard Cahlen is feeling full of joy, lightness and a stronger than usual desire to help those in need. There is also sadness about hurtful histories with old friends and family members, but this wizard is unfortunately too experienced at suppressing those types of feelings for his own good. So mostly joyful with a hint of deeply buried despair!

Got anymore smoke bombs?


Ninjas never reveal their secret blend of OG Kush and Lemon Haze...
I trust that wizard cahlen will keep ninjas secret, or ninja might have to give cahlen..
A big hug ..
My holistic tracking skills are second to none.


Your secret is safe with me Ninja! Maybe if I glean enough from you I can be a Wizard Ninja someday.


I have been exploring my own emotions lately from an objective perspective. I also have a tendancey of sweeping the bad stuff, under the rug so to speak. What is difference between that and facing the negative and dealing with it properly.. I do feel like i am able to find a certain ammount of acceptance, yet the "demons" never seem to be truly defeated.. Perhaps the answer is forgiveness of self and others? Easy to say. im sure on our journey of practising self awareness and exploring mysticism. These things will only gain more clairity, thank you for sharing and being transparent/vunerable and know that I am holding space for you.


I find it hard to make much progress emotionally without a coach walking me through the process. When I have another person assisting, it goes really well and seems to be fairly effective, but ya... the demons only get weaker, they don't seem to die.

Perhaps it's like addictions in that once you've built the neural networks around the behavior, they're always there and you could always fall back into them. The key is creating new pathways and choosing to stay on them. Or maybe the issues, at least in my case, could be put to rest by fulfilling the need which wasn't filled before which created the resentment.

I am learning a process now where I conjure an image of the emotional trigger (usually a person), notice where I feel the pain/discomfort in the body, and say "I see you and I accept you." At that point I see the sensation as a stuck energy which wants to flow out of the body, and I watch and allow it to go where it needs to. It seems to work really well, but I have a hard time getting myself to set aside time to really focus on it. Emotional work does not excite my thinking mind so it proposes other funner things to do.

Thank you for your support, I aim to support you in the same way.

Holy shit! I was at Indian Bread Rocks last week. Great stopover. If you have time, check out Fort Bowie, just up the road a bit. If you have even more time, Chiricahua National Monument can't be missed. Seriously.


Awesome! Ya, this place is great. Thanks for the tips on Bowie on Chiricahua. So much to see in this area!


Yeah, I'm thinking about heading back down there when I get my van outta the shop. It was my first time. Want to explore the nooks and crannies.