Steemit MAC Sept 2018-Day 11.🌾Gold Yarrow (Achillea filipendulina) from Berlin .🌾

Hello friends!

I'm in Berlin and continue my blog with MonthlyAuthorChallenge by @future24.

Yarrow was once known as nosebleed, its feathery leaves making an ideal astringent swab to encourage clotting. It is a well known and versatile herb that is effective for its historical use of staunching bleeding and disinfecting wounds.
Yarrow contains many vitamins and minerals, and is used in the treatment of a wide range of disorders. In modern medicine, yarrow is particularly valuable for stopping the flow of blood, treating colds, fevers, treating wounds, kidney diseases, menstrual pain, and much more.

This shot I took in the garden of ecological center Ökowerk Grunewald in Berlin.

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In our blog a funny contest was launched, which I came up with to entertain my friends. We come up with names for my original images and together we choose the best of them. The total prize fund of the contest is 20 sbd. 10 sbd for the author of the best title and another 10 sbd for the luckiest member of the jury. The jury is only the contestants.
Details about the contest look for in the previous post

By Happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!



This yellow flower looks like califlower!

Thanks dear 😙😗😘😍😍🤗🤗

Amazing colors!❤👌❤ excellent lights!
Love the vibrant yellow, and the focus. Gorgeous capture! 📷

Thank you so much honey 😙😗😘😍😍🤗🤗

you are welcome my friend creadordelfuturo

lovely click

Who would say a beautiful flower and with so many benefits. Nature gives us everything.

Thank you mi amor. You can already make your choice in contest! 😙😗😘😍😍🤗🤗

Every day we live we learn more, what good information about a beautiful plant and with great benefits!

Thank you dear! You can already make your choice in contest! 😙😗😘😍😍🤗🤗

The roses are the most important things that draw the smile, and give comfort and optimism in their bright colors and attractive smells. When we bring roses, this indicates his place in our hearts and how important he is.

You are a professional photographer who has been well published

Thank you dear 😙😗😘😍😍🤗🤗

Very beautiful photo @creatordelfuturo and amazingly useful plant!

Wow lovely flowers and nice photography ....! 👌👌👌

Yarrow does indeed looks very beautiful flower and with all the specialties that it holds it sure is great.

Very nicely taken shot dear , liked the flower very much :)

wow I did not know that great fact, it is incredible how some flowers can have so many medicinal benefits

oh, they must have misspelled Yellow and called it Yarrow :D
a lovely idea!

It is really a beautiful picture, but the most beautiful are the benefits that give it all the benefits of looking at it or using it in medicine and this is a great good from God then that rose

Lovely capture of yellow flower .

Nice photography. Thanks to giving this kind of information. Before that, I didn't know that the medicinal benefits of yarrow. The color is to bright.

Incredible shot once again dear great details you have captured in this shot :D

Realy wonderful post

Amazing yellow flower.

Awesome capture dear .

Excellent photo, my friend, this is a beautiful and very useful plant! Thank you @creatordelfuturo