Jury Finds Monsanto Guilty

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The jury for the recent Monsanto case that's taking place in San Francisco has recently determined that the Roundup weed killer was a major contributor to Edwin Hardeman's cancer.

Hardeman has be only the 2nd plaintiff to go to trial, there are still thousands around the country who are waiting for their chance to do the same.

The first part of the trial is over, where lawyers were trying to convince the jury that Roundup was a significant contributing factor to Hardeman's cancer.

As a part of that trial, toxicologists had denied manipulating studies to hide the potential dangers of the product. But it looks like the jury didn't buy the notion that they might not have been aware of any risks.

Now, they'll be looking to argue for damages and determining if the company is liable and if they are, what damages that might involve; compensation to the victims. This also isn't the only case that's waiting to move forward, there are many more.

Bayer has insisted that they remain confident that the research will show that the products are safe. But investors might not be buying that claim.

Bayer is still facing 10,000+ lawsuits over cancer allegations related to weedkiller.

It's going to cost a lot of money to make the problems go away as it has been previously suggested that the overall settlement value of those cases could be somewhere around $5 billion.

The 2nd part of the trial is starting this week where it is expected that the jurors involved with the case will hear evidence that includes damaging emails detailing how the company allegedly manipulated public opinion to bury health concerns and also promote sales of the popular herbicide.


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The thought I even used that stuff in my garden a couple of years ago..

I was already hesitant to use it, especially for the unknown impact to fauna, insects, etc..

Still have some lying around. But already intended not to use it and safely getting rid of it by turning it in at the local recycling/waste handler.

I manually weed at the moment but am thinking to buy a thermal rod.

Step one complete... next.

Hey @doitvoluntary, this is fantastic news and I sincerely hope that it goes through without appeals etc. No-one's life is worth the greed and power mongering of company only after money.

Jury Finds Monsanto Guilty

Can they appeal to this verdict?

well this case isn't over yet, just the 1st half is

thx man✌ glad to see you're back haven't seen you comment in awhile!

Man I would love nothing more than to see these two crumble. I think that there should be more than liability there should be criminal conspiracy charges.
They pay liability and move on to the next poison.

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