Do I want to be there in my city? - Journey

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Oh yeah, my favorite city. One of the most beautiful in the world.


A couple of my favorite photos from this summer. The lovely Golden Gate.

Still waiting out this hardfork thing. Waiting for voting power and mana to recharge. I want to get them up to 100% then figure out how much activity my account will support. Gonna just do one post a day for a few days. Steem On friends! Miss you all.

San Francisco, California. Summer, 2018. All photos original


Beautiful shots and rather representative of the current mood here. We're all kind of lost in the fog.

Maybe fog is lifting today :)

I would like to be there with a good beer and think about the future.


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You just need to multiply by 4 and voila. ;)

Thanks for encouragement @chesatochi :) back in business today it seems

Everything is working better atm with HF20 .... everyone's RC credits was reset to 100 percent and our max was times by ten.

Awesome photo's.

Thanks @rentmoney Yeah I'm back trying to catch up with everyone. I'm commenting away like the old days and RC still at 99%

Nice photos in monochrome! I am active on this site:

You can find a bunch of us on there!

Thanks. I've noticed a lot of people trying weku. I haven't tried it yet

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