House, recomposed

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There is some charm in towns like mine, or lik Lisbon, where some monarchy was and then, something happened they just couldn't make it to preserve their houses to be as shiny and good looking. And I can understand that, and I see that beauty in their old beautiful architecture, like an old lady that you can tell - was a beauty of a kind when she was younger. That is very very specific and positive aesthetical impression.
What I can not understand is houses like the one on the photo that I took, and shared with you. She is a wrack. So many houses like this, and they belong to - noone or to too many people who just can't make a human dialogue.
Thing with them is, they are not ugly, but they wear this coat of ugliness of absence of good relationships, and haircut of carelessness and boots of orphans. They sometimes peel off their skin, and sometimes they just bend, like an old lady, weak in their construction.

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Great picture, I love the way it looks and I am a sucker for black and whites. I would love to see just a little bit written about the picture, maybe what drew you to it or if it has any history. Also don't forget to mark your posts that you took the picture.

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Hello @tryskele! (one of my favorite symbols ever, together with three hares:))
I decided to take your friendly advice, so I hope you would enjoy this small text on personality of old old old architecture. Thank you.

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