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My entry to #monomad hosted by @monochromes is Sunday Cat in blackn’white looking out the window.


As most of you know, I have two cats, Red and Sunday. Sunday is the most affectionate and wants to be on my lap a lot of the time.

When he first came home with me he was an injured barn kitten having fallen out of the hay loft and injured his eye. Cow mature was stuck to his tiny body. Although there were other barn cats there, his mother had been missing for a week. The farmer suspected a coyote had gotten the mother cat.

Once I saw the state this poor little black and white kitten was in, I couldn’t leave him there to die. I wrapped him in a blanket I had in the car and brought him home. My other cat, Red, was not impressed and thought he was a rat or something. Luckily I had a cage to keep Sunday safe until Red figured out he was of the same species.

Once I got him home and bathed him, it was a struggle to feed him at his young age. It seemed the other adult cats on the farm had been providing Sunday with fresh mice to eat. For the first week or two he would only eat raw meat. Gradually he was able to eat the same cat food as Red.

As for the injured eye, it didn’t look like it would ever be right. Every day I bathed it in a mild solution of warm water and baking soda. Some days after the bathing solution, I would dap a tiny smidgen of castor oil on his eyelash. Gradually the eye improved and now both eyes look healthy and identical.

Sunday is an unusual name but it was on a Sunday he became a member of the household.

Sunday in sepiatone


Happy Caturday to everyone

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I'm a sucker for strays of all kinds.

In Lak'ech,


What a sweet shot works so well both in Mono and sepia :)


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It's a really nice photo! I like the story of how you got Sunday, too.

Thanks for posting this in the Caturday Discord!

Happy Caturday!

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that cat look's like a person waiting for someone. Isn't it funny to see them acting like a real person. lol

Anyway nice captured

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Yes, they don’t miss anything gong on inside or outside the window.. Thanks for stopping by. 😊


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Thanks @shuvo! 😊

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@redheadpei Sunday is a very lucky kitty, I am sure he knows it, too. My Granddaughters friend raised a kitten which was 3 days old the mother died. she would get up round the clock to feed it and took it everywhere with her, except school, then it would be with her older sister. The kitten is now 5 years old. I would have bet the kitten would not have made it but Sage was committed.

Sunday has grown into a great cat. he and red have their little spats but generally get along.

I’m sure Sage’s commitment to the orphaned kitty saved it’s life. I love hearing these happy endings when an animal is saved from uncertain conditions. 😊

@redheadpei yes I know Sage saved the kitty's life and it shows what a caring soul Sage has I am proud of her, she has been my granddaughter's friend for much of her 18 years so I feel she is my granddaughter, too.

7ocw47uj4t.pngHappy Caturday for Sunday !😺

Thanks you! What a sweet cartoon. 💕 🐱

That is a great one , I love it ^^ .. it looks like sunk in thoughts or awaiting something to come, beautiful ;)

Happy Caturday! What a nice story. It's awesome that you took him in to care for. I'm very sure that he's very appreciative.

Ah! So now you have two cats that adopted you Lol
A lovely story here Lady Jo.

Nice monomad photography.

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