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Blacktop Numerals (9) • Monomad


I'm creating an alphabet from the street and now numerals too. I finally found a quirky Q and will be posting it as soon as the numerals are done and here is the last number... "9."


Numerals Progress


Alphabet Progress


Your Screen Name Here!

Today's featured screen name is @johannpiber, a great photographer from Germany. Check out her blog to see some nature photography...


Let me know if you want your screen name built from my blacktop alphabet. If you are selected, you might be featured in my next post. You'll even be able to use the screen name image in your own posts... if you feel like it!

I photographed the numeral "9" with my iPhone 6S Plus.

Thank you @brumest for creating the Monomad Photo Contest!


Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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Good morning, @otage 😊

Thank you so much for featuring my blog, I do really appreciate it, but I had to make a quick correction

Do you see the difference? Never mind, this misspelling happens quite often 😉

Apart from the little error I like it a lot, and you have earned a !BEER for your work and a !tip

I apologize for the misspelling! I've updated the post. Thanks for the beer and the tip!


I said "never mind" - nobody else would have noticed it, and I have seen it only because so many people write my name the same way wrong 😉
Thank you again and have a nice Sunday :)

I gotta say, it looks better than just flipping that 6 over. Well done!

Ha ha thanks!

What a cool project finding all those letters and numerals on the street so innovative an idea

Thank you!

most welcome

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