Silhouette Saturday Snow Storm wedding In May

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Noel and Aaron's wedding took place in May. What was planned as a beautiful spring day brought with it the biggest blizzard a May day has seen in a while. They persisted to continue with their outdoor ceremony, and huddled under a picnic pop tent with their entire bridal party. Their guests stood with their umbrellas, and as the snow collected on top of them they all blended into a winter wonderland. The bridesmaids in their spring dresses shivered, the bride's hair went limp, the groom's suit soaked completely through, but it was one the most intentional and meaningful weddings I've ever witnessed. Every one who was there was there with purpose. At the end of the evening with a soaked through bride and groom, I gently persuaded them to take one last shot with me. We ended up with this winter silhouette.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.23.54 PM.png


This is so precious and very nice

Thank you so much!

Beautiful! Love this photo and effect. Enlarged in another tab it looks more amazing and magical sparkly.

Thank you Country Girl! Snow can be miserable but it sure is pretty to shoot in. Later the bride told me since her name is Noel it was bound to happen.

Her name is Noel? Aw....that certainly sweetens the photo.

very beautiful photo, with this kind of feelings make the atmosphere more beautiful, thank you for sharing, @joeleenwillis

Thank you friend Jhoni!

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