Second Day of Decrees

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Hello good morning for my fans and this album, there are only a few photos left 15 photos today I woke up wanting. To do some editions in black and white but, they went well or I did not like them so I used some filters and I think they are more suitable. This is one of the most striking of all, and with some inspiration I followed my own and with good music. To fill much more the soul and continue with my decrees, which are very good away from everything bad at the beginning of the year is the best of all.


Day 5

  • Today as the saying goes there is no bad fifth, so today with great faith and confidence in yourself you will decree the following: Money is a gift from God. Money is the loving energy of God manifested in my life to make it pleasurable and happy.

  • God wants me to have a lot of money and to feel happy and INNOCENT as a child, circulating it, to create well-being for me and for all humanity.


Finally I hit another one with a public institution in my country, I already have good 2019 projections and what they paint. It is big you can see in the environment and smell things had, in 2017 I did not know and in 2018 I learned and now 2019 apply. With much profit because the train passes only once and if you do not ride, you stay behind and I decide to ride in this, great opportunity that is being offered to me which I will not waste and may God guide me on this path that is about to begin.


Day 6:

  • We arrive on the sixth day of abundance and prosperity and we will decree so that we always have employment and that the Universe always sends us abundance and happiness.

There is abundance in this house:

  • My house of money is abundantly ALWAYS. My coffers are full. In my house there is ABUNDANCE because it is totally full of God.

  • We finished this exercise of declaring abundance in our lives. From my heart I wish that the Universe will bathe you with a thousand blessings and a lot of prosperity.



Already to finish with this part I ordered them for tastes, the photos from 1 to 5 according to my tastes so they should be not I do not know about you. Also my list of decrees for each day I do it daily or I did them in a time ago, I will pick them up one by one for each day of the week. So try to have a more peaceful life without modifications, or worries. Only blessings goals and purposes to fulfill in each day, I know that this is how it will be and that is how they will be every day from now and at this moment. It's time to take the flight very high and big as it should be, thank you very much for your blessings guys happy day for everyone.


All the photos were taken, by my phone and edited by Photoshop Express.

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nice shots man :)

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