Monochrome Monday – Stumps

Back on the disc golf course I noticed that the cedar trees had been placed back upright and given a trim. I hope that they can grow a top again and get their roots established. They were blown down by the recent windstorm and uprooted.

It is nice that they replaced the trees – the disc golf course looks much better with the repair work.

I liked the way the black and white color emphasized the line in the ground around the trees and feel of the gray sky day.

Cedar trees back in the ground; Kodak HEI emulation – click for viewing full screen

This weekend the weather was very nice with blue sky days and tee-shirt weather for playing on another local disc golf course. Here’s a view of some old gray stumps on the side a path near the edge of the course. I had to do these photos in color - the blue sky and water were looking so nice.

Old Stumps by a path near the bay – click for viewing full screen

Here’s another view of the bay and a cliff area where some people taking in the nice weather and views. There were many people out at this time, it felt very spring like.

Looking out at the bay – click for viewing full screen

Some sunlight coming through the trees near the bay.

Some sunlight reflecting on the bay – click for viewing full screen

I was an excellent day to be out disc golfing. The course was very technical and I lost my disc in the woods for a while. I looked for it for over an hour but couldn't find it. Some other nice people came along and found it right away as they were playing through. I was looking in a much different spot but apparently the disc must have rolled downhill or something. It ended up within twenty feet or so of the basket and I just didn’t see it.

It was really nice to get my disc back – I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times where someone else will locate a disk right away after I’ve looked around for a long time.

Special thanks to @old-guy-photos for hosting monochromemonday.

Processing for the photos was done using GIMP the free software photo editing application.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 1/14/2019 lightsplasher & litesplasher.


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thanks for being here. VEry creative TaG line. :^D

That is Excellent article and great photography , thanks @lightsplasher
Have a nice day.

Thank you. It is always nice to hear that.

Oh yes @lightsplasher, very beautiful photos and it is amazing to see the terrain without snow on them, which of course contributes to the game of golf!

It was great weather for disc golf. The last couple of days it has been a bit colder with some frost on the ground. There has been a bit more pollution in the air though because the cold air is trapped by high pressure towards the center of the country. It is predicted to start raining again on Wednesday so that will hopefully clear up the air.

Looking at the photo you might think that spring has come. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing

Thank you. The last couple days it has been colder again, there has been some frost in the morning.

Thanks. It was a fun day and wonderful park to visit over the weekend.

The old stumps near the path really add character to the whole scene and the light reflecting on the bay is framed nicely by the leaves.

Beautiful shots, @lightsplasher! Thank you for sharing. BTW I have always called it frisbee golf as I never knew the real name!


Thank you! It was a nice day to be out there playing frisbee aka disc golf. I think the name has changed based on frisbee's being used mostly for a game of catch. They really don't work well for playing disc golf. Plus the drivers used in disc golf really are not made for catching and have sharp hard edges.

It was changed, but, my kids are the ones who still call it frisbee golf. :) I agree it wouldn't work well except for the game of catch.

Hope you are having a great day! The weekend is upon us!

That is nice they stood the trees back UP and I to hope they can establish themselves and grow strong

I hope they do that too but the prognosis is not that good. Many of the native trees are having a hard time with the changes in the weather and disruption to the forest environment.

I didnt have high hopes for it to be honest , unfortunately the weather changes are disrupting so much of the planet

beautiful monochrome friend.
awesome photography @lightsplasher

Thank you. I enjoy playing around with the monochrome effects to see how it makes the pictures turn out.

thank you welcome friend..:)

I am always happy to see you post to the tags! Mono really worked good with that sky. Glad you got that disc back. I wonder if a ringable Tile would help, but it only has a 200 foot range...

Have a great week!

I've heard that there are some attachments you can get for discs for playing at night or locating them. I might search around and see what I can find. Playing at night would be fun but most parks close around here at dusk. I'm not as fast on my feet now-a-days and would likely get a ticket if I was playing at night around here. Such is life.

Thank you - have a great week too!

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Very beautiful and great photography.

wow, what a beautiful photography and very nice clicked, really your smartphone photography is awesome, i love your post, thank you for sharing with us :

i just #RESTEEMED your post,

Thank you for your feedback and resteeming. :)

I am glad the cedar trees were not taken out for lumber or mulched @lightsplasher
It is a fine day there indeed and perfect to play your disc golf game.
I love the view of the bay and just sitting to see the sunrise really is nostalgic. :)

It's another fine day today and the frosty ground is thawing out. It should start raining again soon. I had fun this afternoon playing disc golf at the local park.

Just enjoy your playSir @lightsplasher
It is nice to have something that we can enjoy to do like games and hobbies.
I just wished that I too have a lot of options to do in my life but my story is not yet ended yet.

Very beautiful scenery my dear @lightsplasher
Long time is not present.. 😊😊🤗

Good post @lightsplasher

Are you know about steemhunt..
Maybe you like to join steemhunt my dear @lightsplasher

very interesting story, and beautiful photos.

Thank you @lightsplasher for sharing something beautiful.

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