Monochrome Monday - In search of the perfect potato picture

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Alrighty then, time for the perfect million dollar potato picture. As inspired by Show Your Potato by @old-guy-photos and as a part of his Monochrome Monday photography I came up with:

A potato, with Agfapan 25 film simulation – click for viewing full screen

I was trying for a nice Halloween type feel in the lighting. Picture these strange tubers gradually growing deep within the ground, waiting for the perfect time to reach up like a hand from out of the grave. Reborn into the light to sprout once again.

Anyhow... here’s the color version:

A potato, in full color – click for viewing full screen

Short update

I’m working away trying to acquire some seed capital for my bot experiment. (Picture an elderly looking computer scientist posing in a lab coat next to a replica of the ENIAC complete with spinning tape drives and flashy gridseed miners... or perhaps one of my previously posted desktop photos would be better, LOL) Your always welcome to upvote my posts to help out with capital acquisition. I’m planning to establish some more funding into @litesplasher my secondary account to feed the bot.

I tried to get the drphil bot code working. It runs, but no happy voting happens. :(

I may try to figure out what is wrong with the code and see how I might modify it. With any luck I can get it to run my “Secret Algorithm” What is it? Well it wouldn’t be a secret, if I told you but I hope to be able to use the bot to reward people who resteem my content, comment and vote for me. It is getting hard to manually vote all the time and takes a lot of my time.

It would be nice if I could program the bot to discover new content that fits specific “secret” criteria and vote for it on occasion too. That way I can pretend I’m “Google Inc.” or something, LOL. (Actually, hopefully my bot programming won’t get that involved and I’ll likely open source the code if I get anything worthwhile done.)

Yup, but it could become, “Doctor Phil’s secret zombie embalming bot code by @lightsplasher.” To be locked away in a vault only be shared with close personal family. But open source is a much better approach in general, I do believe.

You probably won’t be able to buy votes from the bot like some other services out there and I still plan on doing most of my voting manually.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/15/2018 lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

This sound so upscale and exciting! :)

Owning a bot could be very advantageous, although, my fan base is small so I still hand curate. That and I don't have enough of an upvote to vote automatically.

Seems like a very technical programming thing you are tangled with, well beyond my pay grade, but, I wish you luck and I will try to support you as best I can!

Good luck!!!! PS... I love the purple on that tuber! Cool beans!



Thank you! There are many things that are fun to be involved with now. It does become a toss up for me to stay focused and work long enough on something to get anything significant done. I hope I can figure enough of it out to do what I want to do.

Many times I have found it hard to realize artistically or otherwise the things I want to express or create. Bot code is kind of like that and I used to be much better at software in general. If I find any small stumbling blocks I tend to move on now, rather than spend the time to figure it out.

I do think that if properly done bots can be beneficial to promote your content and make the system work better for us all. Kind of like a well trained personal assistant that does what you ask 24/7 but you have to figure out yourself what it is that should be done.


I know!! So many choices!!! I wish you much luck!

I really like the way friends distinguish the original potato photo with edits, but it looks a little different from the original color with photo editan, it's really fun my dear friend @lightsplasher.

This excellent photography and great work.very look and love it.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Wonderful photos @lightsplasher, in which you showed us near how life begins in potatoes!

Excellent work, my friend and your macro photos of potatoes turned out perfect! Thank you @lightsplasher

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Great details and texture can be showed in this photo i would like to see the details of any flower i mean you used a quality camera with a good zoom and so i would like to see a flower or any insect in the next post. Regards

Very beautiful, cool and amazing photography of potato. It is awesome. I like your work @lightsplasher.

very amazing photography my friend,beautiful shot,@lightsplasher

amazingly cool and beautiful looking for photography, I really like @lightsplasher posts

Your potatoes have sprouted well.
congratulations @lightsplasher for planting new potatoes (litesplasher).
I hope that you will quickly produce fruit that is plenty and useful for others.

Wow amazing photography. i love it.@lightsplasher

Very good.
Beuatiful photography my dear @lightsplasher.🙂

Great photo! 😃

A very beautiful picture really well published Dear
You really are a professional photographer

LOL Its funny you said about Halloween because when I first glanced at the photo I was like, ok, that is a menacing tuber LOL!!! Kind of almost film-noir look! Very cool.

I wish I could help you on the code, sadly I have no idea. Good luck with it.

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