monochrome monday — 1953 Pontiac Chieftain

A little research proved this vehicle to be a 1952 or 1953 Pontiac Chieftain.

I can only judge by the chrome moldings and roof visor. The accuracy really depends on the information provided on the websites I visited.

A Chieftain with the same markings as the one in my photo is listed for $48,000 US in fairly mint condition.

This old rusted bucket of bolts was abandoned at the end of someone's property. If you enlarge the photo you will see old tires stuffed inside the car.

I will build a car for the great multitude.
It will be large enough for the family,
but small enough for the individual to run and care for....
But it will be so low in price
that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one...
Henry Ford, My Life And Work much for Henry Ford's dream...not everyone can own one...

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm-200mm
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thank you @old-guy-photos
for initiating the #monochromemonday photo challenge.


I love that old Pontiac! Old cars make such wonderful subjects especially when you add some rust.

Yes!! That's the problem with monochrome.....I should have added the orange color so the rust could be seen. But it's there...honest!! I like the way this photo looks though because in my mind that's how I saw it - dreamy and in another time. Used my imagination that day :)

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Those cars were solid and built to last. Great to see such an old car, I sure it could be restored to mint condition, but I think at great expense.

A point of view from a portrait of life, this paper is very critical in highlighting inequality. good writing to ponder

Thank you. :)

Great aspect. Have you watched the American Pickers show? They would love this car, their idea or restoration would be to wash it and make sure the engine runs. Funny the original cars were built for a family (large one). Not always so now. A great find for a ride in the country!

haha....American Pickers - they'd love to come to my house and clean out my basement!! I wish they would. :) Yes, I love that show.

This car looks amazing cleaned up but I think this one is so rusted and obviously been sitting there for a while that it would be super costly to do so, unless someone is a car guy and just enjoys the hobby of making an old car new again.

Nice photo! I know little about classic vehicles, but that one's exterior looks to be fairly intact. Someone with a steady hand and a deep knowledge of restoration could probably turn that into a work of art.

Actually, someone with a lot of energy and a good 3D printer could probably produce reproduction parts for the motor and get it into like-new condition.

Hrm. That could actually be a good busniess model, finding old parts, turning them into 3D models, and producing custom parts. I wonder if there would be enough demand...

That sounds like an interesting idea with 3D....I don't know much about that but I can see a demand for cheaper parts and that might do the trick?

So distracted...I'm watching Kim Jung Un and Trump .... ugh.....I'm conflicted about it all and kind of anxious a bit to be honest. It's history though so I guess that will make me more interesting in a few years lol

Ugh. Ever since Trump's election, I can't stand the news. Maybe he'll do some good, for once, but I'm not holding my breath.

I can't stand hearing his voice, looking at his face or watching his swagger. And the lies, constant lies and bullying. I can't keep track. I'm so glad I live in Canada. But I can't get away from him...he dominates the news and I know he loves it.

Don't hold your, no....your face will go purple. It's not a good look.

So I guess you're not a Trumpian. Hewg.

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Neat little car. Nicely photographed. :)

Nice picture of the old car :-)

Awesome you found that car so intact, usually I see them with bullet holes in them. My father-in-law used to restore antique cars.
You live in Canada, which province if you don’t mind me asking?

I don't mind at all... I live in southern the GTA near Burlington.

Bullet holes....??

Think you're right - Here's a 1951:Untitled.jpg

And here's a 1952:


Ignore the sunscreen and you see the side mouldings are the same in 1952. I knew it was anyway, because my dad had a 52 Chevy and it looked like your Chieftan but not as elaborate

Oh must be a 1951 then. Way older than me then. lol

i love these old cars :)
good shot! congratulations my dear friend!

Wouldn't it be fun to drive one? I think. For a while anyway.

Great find, what an awesome old car! I like the photo, and I think it looks good with the warm monochrome tones.

I thought so too....sometimes a photo just needs to be time travel to the past with all it's faded color. Thanks @keithboone :)

Great find! And great photo!

An awesome capture of a great old relic @countrygirl I hope it enjoyed a full and exciting life.

I wonder about such things too. Who, what, where, why, when. :)

Sad, how they deteriorate...

Longing, here, for the place "where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt..." ;)



Longing times a million here as well. Sigh.

The car is symbolic of so much.