California Sunsets #41 ~ MONOCHROME MONDAY

in #monochromemonday6 years ago

This is my entry for the #monochromemonday
hosted by @old-guy-photos.

As many of us know, the Earth's rotation axis causes the seasons and the position of Sunrise and Sunset to change every day. During the 2nd week of November and 1st week of February, the Sun in Santa Monica, California sets right down the street, which always provides a beaming experience. This photo was taken on November 7th in Ocean Park, Santa Monica

140 Hart Sunset (2).jpg

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I had no idea! It has to be amazing to watch the sun come down and kiss the earth goodnight!

Almost as cool to capture that epic moment reflected in the window.


I always look forward to those couple of weeks with the reflections off the neighbors house.

It's awesome.
I love it.

I want to say one thing that i don't know you've captured this picture really calculated or random because this capture came out so great and literally amazing to watch the combination of nature and those windows which is throwing the reflection. And in my opinion this Black And White picture is awesome and i am imagining in my hand tea or coffee while exploring this awesome view, and just see the effect which is created all around the sun it's literally reflecting as sun have the form of face and sun is hiding behind those two huge trees.

And i have to accept that these windows have the essence of Royals and it's reflection is making these windows for beautiful. Keep up this amazing work and always explore the nature because nature gives healing essence.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you, it is quite a unique reflection with special feelings.

Welcome and great to hear that. 🙂

Very interesting. Looks almost like an atomic explosion!

After a few beers, I see that!

So vibrating photo :)

Precious moment of the day

Marvelous photo click and perfect place...

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Beautiful photo

I find it interesting when you place the sun between the two trees. shooting very genius.

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