Checking If 'Funny' Money Is Real Produces A Funny Synchronicity!

in money •  2 months ago

Today I was asked to check to see why a British twenty pound note has Chinese characters in red ink on it.. I found the answer and then a surprise!

As it turns out, these kind of notes are 'training' notes used in Chinese banks to train cashiers to handle money from other regions - they are pretty realistic, except they have red chinese characters on them and have no silvery / hologram parts as the real ones do. You can find these for Canadian dollars and most likely most other currencies too. So keep your eyes open for these as you could easily accept them without noticing in a busy shop or public place.

twenty pounds chines characters

The funny thing is that when my friend asked if I could identify if the note was fake, I joked "Why, does it have a picture of david bowie on it?".. I then ran an image search for "twenty pound note chinese characters" and immediately saw this:

david bowie note

I am going to take this as a reflection of psychic connectivity rather than a message from the spirit world that david bowie is the real king! lol

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Good job.Want to see more posts on future.Good luck @rdnblogs

Hello ura-soul!

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Real Canadian money

The Chinese inscription on the British pounds sterling will be tricky to alot of people especially when doing shopping some body might buy something with the fake British pounds without the shop owner realizing that the money is fake

I did not know about this type of bills and it is really dangerous if you do not have your eyes wide open, now my question to the touch is the same as the real one?

Just another reason why crypto will replace fiat in my opinion. Corrupt individuals could easily use that to swindle others

UraSoul, my gf who's Chinese told me the first picture says it's an admission ticket to a Falun Gong activity where they do their exercises together. Hmmm. They're an interesting organization and a certain group of people really really doesn't like them, which I think is a good thing.


I see - that's the first time I have heard that.. That is a rather strange explanation!
I suggest reviewing the evidence of Chinese government illegal organ harvesting of falun gong practitioners:


The general consensus among coin collectors etc. is that they are training notes. Did your gf actually read the text herself? I have seen examples of the Falun Gong text, but it doesn't look like these.

these kind of notes are 'training' notes used in Chinese banks to train cashiers to handle money from other regions

I did not know that! I wonder why they didn't work out some kind of deal with the British government to print real notes that could be used for training. Still, super cool!