Chinese State Run Mass Murder & Genocide For Organ Harvesting - Massive Numbers Of Non-Communist Party Members Abused & Killed For Profit: Professional Witness Testimonies At The ITNJ (Intl. Tribunal of Natural Justice).

in freedom •  6 months ago

Despite the massive sharing of information via the internet and the history lessons in schools that teach of the barbaric and evil abuses of humanity that have taken place in our collective past - we still appear to be largely in denial or totally ignorant about such an evil that is occurring right now in China and which appears to be increasing...

Until I watched this video I knew little about the huge problem of genocidal murder and actual organ theft for profit taking place in China. I had read about the oppression of Falun Gong practitioners in China years ago, but I did not know much more - probably due to the language differences, suppression of information in China and also the inhuman belief systems often held in 'The west' whereby people simply view the Chinese under communism as being sub-human and thus they are ignored completely (except perhaps when it comes to a brief moment of annoyance that 'everthing is made in China nowadays').

Having heard the testimonies presented to the ITNJ (view the introduction to this long session here), I feel that this situation must rank in the top 5 most serious emergencies facing humanity and needs our immediate attention. Due to the domination of China by the communist party government it appears that it is impossible to engage with Chinese enterprise without to some extent also feeding in to supporting the evils that this video and post will expose. Everyone who is participating in buying products from China can therefore be said to be (probably unknowingly) supporting evil - we all have the ability to effect change by our daily choices here.


Disclaimer: I have never visited China and am not an expert in Chinese affairs or history. If I make errors here I am very open to being corrected.

While many think that China is now a very capitalist country, what they are missing is that in the Chinese government's own description, they are a 'socialist' country which is the middle step between capitalism and communism. This middle step was part of the plan put forward by Lenin and others in the early 1900s in Russia to attempt to create an alleged evolutionary step from Capitalism to a more fair society. My point here is that while it may look to outsiders that China is somehow 'more capitalist' and 'less communist' in some ways than in the past - it appears that the actual political situation is that they see themselves in the process of leaving capitalism entirely into some form of new communist reality.

As you will hear in the testimony by a Chinese surgeon who describes being effectively forced to perform a liver removal procedure on a living man following a deliberately failed execution, at that time at least - the ruling party had an iron grip on people's minds through mind control and fear. The result appears to be that, similar to North Korea, many people act unquestioningly to follow the orders of the regime and those who do not do so are at risk of being forced into slave labour camps and worse. These are not stories from a time gone by, this is happening today and has probably occurred through the whole time you have been alive on Earth in this lifetime; for most of us, 'out of sight' has been out of mind until now.

Organ Harvesting And Mass Murder in China

As the testimonies here demonstrate, China's government has long been involved in one of the worst atrocities in living memory. It appears that they have been organising, at the state level, a massive program of testing their population to find the healthiest living people who are not members of the communist party - then forcing them into slave labour camps and holding them until they can sell their healthy body organs to whoever will pay for them.

The result is that while it may take years for people in America or Europe to find a matching donor for a liver, for example, in China it can often be achieved in hours or a week. This is not because they have an advanced way of storing the organs for longer than is available elsewhere - it is because they are actively murdering the 'donors' on demand, in order to get the organs. Anyone using China as a source of organs for donation is effectively then, a direct participant in murder.

Falun Gong

One of the main groups in China who has been the target of this evil crime is the Falun Gong practitioners. This is a kind of spiritual movement that grew very large at one point and which promotes health and particular Chi Gong exercise which stimulates energy movement within the individuals and thus which promotes health of the vital organs. Since these people also do not smoke or drink, their organs are among the healthiest in China and their imagined threat to communism (as a spiritual force that promotes compassion and opposes domination) has caused them to become a prime target by the Chinese communist party.

It appears that a high percentage of Falun Gong practitioners (at least hundreds of thousands of people) have been forced into slave labour camps and now form a living store of human organs, waiting to be 'used'!

Unprecedented Evil

The details here may sound like the plot line to a dystopian novel or science fiction story from the past, but it is real and occurring today. This is 'biblical' level atrocity and must surely not be denied any longer.

I ask you to spare a relatively short amount of your time to watch this important video and to take the necessary steps in your life to adapt, such that you do whatever you can to prevent this evil continuing. Completely ending trade with China might seem impossible at this point, due to the way so many of us rely on low priced products that originate there - however, the cost to our planet of inaction will be far higher.

We are one and the soul injuries that take place in one part of the planet will effect us all.

UPDATE: I have just made a new post that explains some of what I now understand to have allowed this situation to be drawn to the Falun Gong practitioners.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Everyone who believes in God and believes in the Torah, Gospel and the Qur'an must be shocked to hear this news. Human beings who are glorified by God throw commodities for sale. We used to be in the slave trade phase, but in the name of humanity the slave trade was abolished.

China, with all its acts on earth is contrary to the thought of other nations in the world. The communist state not only killed prisoners for the benefit of organ harvesting, but they organized everything for the interests of the Communist Party.

Falun Gong has long been oppressed there, as I recall the era of the 90s I've heard and read news through newspapers, about the massacre of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa organization members.

Not only that, religious activities are severely restricted in China, starting with banning religious ceremonies to the destruction of houses of worship. Church, mosque can not be arbitrarily built, even if already built, in the name of interest of Communist Party then the building will be torn down.

In Indonesia, there are many Chinese citizens, and they are hiding in ethnic Chinese homes that have become Indonesian citizens. The corrupt Indonesian government system makes it very easy to obtain citizenship by making a single Citizenship Identification Card without a change of citizenship process.

China, with any policy that is contrary to the teachings of the divine religion is not new news, I am concerned about the video.

Then, what should we do?


Thanks for your insights. There is no need to believe in anything to be disgusted by these crimes - we only need to be able to feel and to know who we are.

As with all such crimes, it is necessary to raise awareness in the world of the problem. This will have an effect such that pressure will increase for change to manifest. Also, as with all such problems, we need to focus on our own health and balance, such that we can be empowered in all ways - this has the benefit of both ensuring our own wellbeing and also in allowing us to help others to do the same. When we collectively do this with intention to heal, balance and evolve - we also have an effect whereby we are more self sustaining and less reliant on others. When we are not dependent on others we are also then less likely to buy products made in factories and crucially then less likely to buy products made using slave labour. By strengthening our own home-grown creativity, we will value the real freedom involved in creating our own items and will not stoop to buying low priced, low quality items made using slavery in China.

Pressure needs to be applied to technology companies in particular, not to use factories and parts in their supply chain that have involved Chinese labour and factories. There are companies now who are making laptops and phones, for example, that are ethically created - however, they are currently quite costly. Steps need to be taken at all levels to make these approaches more viable.


And we believe, there are many crimes against humanity in China by the authorities, but they control all access to information to the Internet network.

Taiwan is a democratic country supported by the United States, although not fully independent from China, but they are also technologically advanced, there are many electronic products from Taiwan which are also cheap. This is a suggestion for choosing cheap products other than China.


I don't know much about Taiwan's culture and politics and I do know that most Asian technology producers operate in ways that I personally consider slavery - but the same is also true of many corporations in American and Europe. We can certainly look to take every possible small step towards improvement.


At least Taiwan is not a Communist who justifies human blood. Taiwan is not a full country, and they have not been recognized by the United Nations.

I am going to shed some light on this because I have been following this for a long time---around 20+ years now.

I have no doubt that organ harvesting exist in China or India. I am also not condoning organ harvesting of anyone either. Let me make this clear...

However the majority of people are unaware of Falun Gong movement and their false agenda of using the blind mass to make political agendas which jeopardizes their followers that make governments around the world hate them because of their false teachings and using their followers for the cults personal agenda of the higher control of the cult.

Falun Gong creator (Mr. Li Hongzhi) is teaching a false teaching of Buddhism. He basically hijacked the Buddhist religion and twisted it with his personal beliefs to create blind followers.

Falun Gong claim they can make their followers invulnerable physically through weird false teaching of Qigong.
This is directly quoted from their website.
"When a practitioner’s Xinxing and the strength of his Gong reach a certain height, he or she can attain an imperishable, adamantine body while still in the secular world."

Through the 20+ years I have been following Falun Gong movements their website has changed numerous times. I still remember on their website at one point, claimed that Mr. Li Hongzhi, the creator of Falun Gong, was a special living entity of dragon descent. The website also claimed that he came to Earth from another planet to share the sacred teaching of Falun Gong.

I have ran into several Falun Gong practitioners around the world and they are following blindly a cult. Most of them have an IQ of below 100. They are completely brainwashed and that is a deliberate intent of the cult's creator----to create an ignorant blind mass for them to control.

The real evil is the creator who pretends to be "God" or a "Dragon" with a special mission to change the world through false teaching and lead a "blind" mass for them to control along with the higher level echelon of the cult who is governing its global political movement.

In my opinion they are very dangerous because they are brainwashing people and creating a zombie of fake "Buddhist" followers that is controlled by the cult's leader and his "generals" that can be activated anytime for a political reason or any reason they label as the cult's mission.

My message is to warn others of following Falun Gong and to warn people of the dangers in this cult. If they can create political movement around the world then they can do other mission statements too with their zombies.


What particular politicisation of the members of the group are you referring to that makes 'the governments of the world hate them'?

I have no doubt that any such large 'spiritual movement' will be corrupted, just like 99% of all the others - but it helps if we deal with actual details that can be checked, discussed and learned from.

If this group is another mind controlled cult, then it could be said that it's leaders are part of the organ farming project - just designed to produce a healthy batch.


I have never thought that the Li Hongzhi would be involved in the organ harvesting project. That would be a scary thought.

Li Hongzhi is claiming that modern science and medicine is evil that itself is an indirect statement to make any government fear them because he is stopping the advancement of civilization. That is their political statement.

It also doesn't give any comforting thought that they make claims that "Their Special Qigong" can make their followers physically invulnerable as I highlighted from their website to make themselves superhumans.

Falun Gong practitioner are taught to believe that they can achieve immortality with "Their Special Qigong" that can make them physically invulnerable to weapons and disease.

Falun Gong practitioner are also taught to believe that "Their Special Qigong" can also make them immortal without the need for food.

If you can create a zombie mob with this kind of mentality they can be used to overthrow any form of government and halt any form of economic growth in any region.


I wrote this follow up post to this topic that specifically addresses what I realised about the mechanics involved here after reading the falungong site that you linked me to.


You speak more objectively. I come from China. Some people's speeches are extremely radical. The facts are not like that. There are Buddhist temples, Christians, and Christianity. Christians are also completely free. If you don’t believe me, I’ll go for some time. Take some pictures for you to see, including temples, churches, and of course communists cannot have these beliefs because they are atheists. I didn’t participate in Falun Gong because I’m ridiculous to hear them say, I’m not working at home every day, and I’m practicing at the time. The people are completely in a state of madness. You can't just reason with them. Well, let's talk so much.


Thank you for sharing your experience!


Yes, from what you say I agree that Falun Gong is a religion. As with all religions, they have the potential to be dangerous. But this doesn't justify their being tortured and slaughtered. In fact, if we have learned anything watching the history of religion, the more we persecute them the more followers they attract. The power of Christianity dininished in Europe and the US only when it (and better alternatives) were free and people were free to think for themselves. Have faith in the ability of people to see truth for themselves.


I never said I agree with the persecution. My goal is to warn others that Falun Gong is NOT a religion but a cult with blind following which makes them dangerous. didn't read my post...


I did read your post. My perspective is that there is little difference between a cult and a religion, except possibly the size of the following.

Can you look at Islam as practiced by ISIS (and many others) and consider them non-dangerous? Can you look at the Christian church as it was practiced 1000 years ago and consider it non-dangerous? Consider the crusades, the inquisition, jihad, terrorism, and the countless lives that have been destroyed by those that believe they are on the side of God.

Falun Gong is dangerous, so are all these other religions.

My comment was that looking at these historical religions, the more we try to censor them and stop them, the more they are able to attract followers. Their leaders can claim to be the victims and point that because they have so much "power and truth" the rest of the non-believers want to silence them. A better way is simply to shine the light on them and let them try to explain why they behave as badly as they do. Sure, they will have some followers, but over generations they will shrink.


You haven't studied cults and religions extensive enough. There is a BIG difference in Cults and Religions and it is not about size of followers!

Religions do NOT grant special powers but of understanding a faith to walk a spiritual path. Cults promises special powers that are supernatural which is a false sense of delusion. All cults are false teachings. Cults adopt a religion and twist it.


Christians receive spiritual gifts, such as speaking in tongues, divining the future, and laying of hands for healing, etc.

According to 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 , "To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,[a] and to still another the interpretation of tongues."

Does this make Christianity a cult? I don't think so. It seems to be a religion to me, but so does Falun Gong.

What then makes the difference between religions and cults?

  • Not that they are dangerous and cause violence.
  • Not their relative size.
  • Not that hey promise supernatural powers.

Then what?

By the way, I am not a troll -- I genuinely believe what I'm writing. I'm an amateur philosopher and to me this is important. (I guess that I have a doctorate in philosophy so maybe I'm not an amateur... my PhD is in a different field, so does this count?)


Let me add that you have a misunderstanding about Christianity like the majority of the people in the world.

I can tell that you haven't studied enough about religion to understand that old Christianity or Orthodox/ Eastern Christianity is not the same as Modern Christianity which branches off of Catholic Christianity that caused the split in the Old Christian church which is known as the Great Schism of Christianity.

I suggest you do your own research because if I was to go into a deep discussion about Orthodox Christianity and how they are completely different than modern Christianity then this can go on for months.

Orthodox Christianity also does NOT teach about Dogmas, meaning right and wrong.

After the Great Schism that created the Roman Catholic churches, it was the Roman Catholic priest that ordered the Holy crusades and the Inquisition of the Middle Age. They created the Knights Templars, which is knighting young man on holy missions to save the Holy land which is a complete fake front. The secret mission of the Knights Templars was the raid the Orthodox Christian Churches of sacred artifacts for power and claim them for the Catholic Churches!

Once you actually understand this history it will also reveal to you who actually controls the world and how blind the majority of the people are.


Great Schism.png

Here is a very good timeline of the Great Schism and the splitting of the Christian faith. Those arrows on the right side shows the creation of Modern Christianity that is the branching off of other Christian Sects like Protestant, Lutheran, Baptist and so on....from the Roman Catholic church, which also shows the conflict among the Roman Catholic and other Modern Christianity.


Having read through the homepage of that site, I can see some absolutely fundamental errors in the logic which have very possibly allowed these people to become so exploited:

The focus of Falun Dafa practice is the mind, with the cultivation of one’s mind and thoughts, or “Xinxing,” being singled out as the key to increasing Gong energy. The height of a person’s Gong is directly proportionate to that of his Xinxing. The concept of “Xinxing” encompasses the transformation of virtue (a white form of matter) and karma (a black form of matter). It also includes forbearance, discernment, and abandonment—that is, forsaking ordinary human desires and attachments, and managing to endure the most trying of ordeals. Much is encompassed by the concept.

My regular readers will know that I write a great deal about emotions and will. When we become so focused into the mental and deny our desires, we invite suffering and the opposite of what we really need. It is, sadly, not surprising to me that those who deny their will and desires are finding out how terrible the results can be for them. :/


I am going to agree with @greenbeans here, and speak from experience. I once stayed in a guesthouse in Malaysia (run by Chinese-Malaysians) and it was one of the most WARPED experiences I have ever had, and I am so glad that people are speaking up about this, as that experience left me with psychological wounds to this day, mainly because I have never been able to get the information needed to put the experience into perspective. I stayed in this guesthouse for almost a month, but never felt quite right. It started with the owner's son (who was, interestingly NOT married) pushing a bunch of Falun Gong literature right in the lobby fo the guesthouse. I knew something was not right, but as usual, figured that it was partly MY OWN general weariness of people FUELED by the general negative treatment I was getting from the Chinese population there (not all, but MOST - especially the increasing mass of mainlanders who we now know have been essentially COLONIZING the country, with some help from the government). As a Chinese tea enthusiast I remember that when I asked the NICE Chinese people at the tea shop down the street from the guesthouse about the guesthouse owner they gave the standard (unspoken) "no comment" gesture. Looking back now it all makes more sense. I ended up essentially freaking out there one night (got drunk and yelled (a lot)), as the pressure just got to be too much. The worst part is that they made me feel like I was ALL to blame for the situation (which is typical "cultish" behavior, for anyone with basic knowledge of cults). I have been living with this trauma for YEARS now, and these accusations that this is a cult-like (the "bad" type of cult) organization are starting to make more sense in light of experience. This is not to say that the CCP should be congratulated on pointing out the cult-like nature of this organization (talk about the "pot calling the kettle black"), but in retrospect I can NOW see the grain of truth in the ESPECIALLY harsh response of the ALREADY harsh CPP. Thanks for this enlightenment, but this is just an overall TERRIBLE state of affairs. But at least I can feel LESS CRAZY now...

This is terribly bad...

Why do we have to kill one to save one?

I will research more into this, and when I get my data, with every details you pointed out here, we can start a movement on every social networks.

End must come to this devilish act and now is the time.


In fact, the surgeon here describes that in some surgeries they need two livers as backups, so potentially two people may die to save one!
A healed heart and mind will balance the body such that organs do not fail and no-one need die.


What a cruel world? What a cruel country? What a cruel government? What a cruel people?

It's time for the whole world to be united and fight against this inhuman behavior before it travels round the world.

No time better than now to start the movement!

God bless you for your love for humanity.

This is really bad, very bad. People now a days are doing things which is totally unexpected. Organ harvesting does that even sounds right?
People are getting killed, families are affected. And I would also say all these people they some how find there way out of the law and order too.
The justice system says it does not matter if 1 or 2 criminal run away but 1 innocent should not be punished and this is what people use.
This whole world is fool of loop holes and people find there way. But we can only change things upto a bit and can pray for the best.
I really appreciate your efforts and your message through this post.

How convenient the Falun Gong are the healthiest people in the Chinese society, nor does it surprise me their spiritual beliefs are in direct contrast to the government of China. I do not doubt their are many more groups that are disobeying the regime and must be put to death. Why would they waste a perfectly good body if there is money to be made? 🐓🐓


Tibetans, Mongols and others are targets too, yes.

There is a "story" about from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, about the domestic mafia dealing with trafficking in human organs.
The way: abduction, execution and exploitation of healthy organs ... this is the crime of the worst kind ...

If this is true for China, yes there is work under the leadership of the "chinese communist party" work then it is worse than the mafias ...
How help human?

For Changing behavior the governments - a boycott of any kind of relationship that seems to me almost impossible in today's conditions ...

But I think it would be effective a testimony from China
( should be a condition - must not family stay in China and witness must be out of China).
All dictatorships are sensitive on True about themselves" and the disclosure of truth is always - effectively.
It can even be without a witness if people are afraid for themselves or for their family.

Need is write and record (with a pseudonym without identity), just to turn the attention of the world public and brave politicians who would dare to ask Chinese colleagues about such a topic...


Yes, I remember those cases from 'Yugoslavia'.
I think that the internet is more available in China than in North Korea - so maybe change can come through the Chinese people themselves being awakened to truth and finding their own soul power.

doesn't come as too much of a shock tbh that it's happening in China. The act is truly mind-shattering and makes one wonder where humanity is headed. But yeah, news like this from china is not shocking, it has a record of human rights violations against anyone who wants to speak against the communist party. What is happening in Tibet, how they are dealing with HK, and what they do to their own labour force is just plain disgusting. To know that they are going an extra mile by sponsoring organ harvesting of non-communist party supporters is very believable, even if it is state sponsored. I wonder if something is wrong with me that I am not appalled by this, but I think history has made me numb.


Once it is understood that such massive and vile crimes have taken place and that their causes continue today - it is likely that we may be numbed as a self defense mechanism. It is important to fully realise though that it is only through the passion of real emotion that change can come. It is the numbness that has allowed the problems to exist at all.


I agree with you. This has to be brought to notice and more ways of increasing public outcry about this have to found out. May be, as an individual, I may not have a strong voice, but with collective effort, most dictatorships and regimes can get the fate they deserve. Actually, i should have resteemed your post. that video is a must watch for everyone.

The same thing happened here in the Philippines. Despite of evidences and eye witness, police covering it. It seems like they are also involved in organ harvesting for money.


Maybe you can forward any evidence you know of to the people at the ITNJ - I'm sure they will add it to their archives.


Thank you for the advice, will they treat my identity confidential.


I do not know, but you can ask them.


Ohh that is bizarre.. Someone has to take a stand and really deal with these mass murderers... Be it China, or any other country.. Such crimes are going on and we need to address them.. Didn't knew such a side of Chinese capitalists... Thanks for the enlightenment..

There have never being a precedent with regards to what's happening in China. It's a highly unacceptable

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its really a informative post...thanks for sharing

The Chinese government are crazy

Hi @ura-soul great post!

I did a number of articles dealing with organ harvesting last year and I was pretty horrified at what I discovered. The Chinese in particular have a huge demand for organs, i think 1.5 million people waiting for donors which partially exlpains this barbaric practice. While I didn't get into the Falun Gong situation directly, I did explore the Chinese practice of harvesting prisoner organs. Also, there was an exhibit that toured around the world about 10 years ago called "Bodies Revealed" that i attended and later found out that the cadavers specimens did not donate their bodies to science and were most likely Chinese prisoners. Pretty disturbing.

I think you might find these articles interesting.


Thanks - it is such a grizzly subject and I am fairly clear that much of the rest of the world has an involvement here since the excessive pollution in China is in no small part due to their industrialisation and sale of cheap products... The same pollution that likely plays a part in such a high demand for donor organs.

I could easily write a book every few months on all of this and how it all inter-relates. I'll check out your posts, thanks.


Out of interest, what's with the renouncing of comment payouts? Just wondering.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of state-run torture and murder. I can speak from experience on this topic, as I have PERSONALLY seen the conditions in the DISTURBINGLY COMMON torture chambers (under giuse of various names) which anyone speaking out against the communist government ultimately finds themselves. There is ZERO due process, and the level of "institutional torture" is essentially no different than the level of human rights abuse related to this organ harvesting issue. Amnesty International has done some good work on these issues of "black jails" (labour camps) which are ALIVE and THRIVING today . Here's a very good document put out by them : What we need to keep in mind is that this is the NATURAL product of communism - NOT an aberration. As I have said elsewhere, I believe the ONLY effective solution to this problem is the COMPLETE OVERTHROW of communism (just like what is now happening to North Korea - as a result of the actions of the US military). NOTHING else has been shown to be effective. We have learned this difficult lesson OVER and OVER again throughout modern history. I apologize if I can't say what many people want to here, such as that there is a more "peaceful" solution to this problem. There ISN'T. Nothing else has worked...

"while it may take years for people in America or Europe to find a matching donor for a liver, for example, in China it can often be achieved in hours or a week. This is not because they have an advanced way of storing the organs for longer than is available elsewhere - it is because they are actively murdering the 'donors' on demand, in order to get the organs. Anyone using China as a source of organs for donation is effectively then, a direct participant in murder."

I have a family member who had end stage liver failure and required a liver transplant in order to survive.

This family member moved from California to Tennessee and ended up receiving the liver replacement, this family member would surely have died if not for this replacement.

The liver my family member received came from a person who died, and was not killed by the government.

It is terrifying to know for certain that the Chinese government is targeting its own citizens for death in order to profit from harvesting their organs.

It is evil.

This is one of the very worst examples of what can happen when a government turns on a segment of its own population and designates them "enemies of the state".

Thank you for writing this article and bringing further awareness to these horrific crimes...

For what it is worth, Wikipedia quotes Chinese officials as saying this whole story is a lie promoted by the Falun Gong...

Any thoughts on Wikipedia as a good source of information on controversial subjects?!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.21.15 PM.png

This was a great thing to read before going to bed... yikes...

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