✳️ [Reward Post # 16] Upvote this post to win from ALL the post rewards.

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Results of Reward Post # 13

Total payout in the form of SBD was 3.14 SBD | 40 upvotes + 2 Resteems |

1 - @reko - 1.04 SBD

2 - @digitalwriter - 1.04 SBD

3 - @asrizal - 1.04 SBD

The following users were also selected but could not qualify for the prize

@khurmi, @farhad2233 for not following @trlotto

@costanza, @zapper, @dante01 for not meeting the upvote criteria.

To participate

Simply give a 100% upvote on this post


an upvote of worth at least $0.50*

*Additional entry on every $0.50 upvote till a maximum of 10 entries. For Example, a 2$ upvote will get you 4 + 1 entries.

You need to follow @trlotto in order to qualify for the prize.

If you aren't following, the next person on the list will be selected as a winner

Re-Steeming this post is optional, but doing so will earn you an extra entry !!

Check @trlotto blog for more reward posts

Provably fair : Users are selected using list randomizer available on random.org, with the hash of the very first BTC block mined on the payout day (UTC Time) as a persistent identifier. You can get a list of entries here and check it out for yourself.


where do you find out how much $ each vote gives you? I'm new and trying to learn more about these things. Upvoted in full :)

Nice nice.
I like it and vote it up, of course. 👍

Resteemed to over 14600 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

Send 0.200 Steem or 0.200 Steem Dollars and the URL in the memo to use the bot.
Read here how the bot from Berlin works.


We are happy to be part of the APPICS bounty program.
APPICS is a new social community based on Steem.
The presale was sold in 26 minutes. The ICO will start soon.
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i have voted waiting for the result

The result will be announced once the payout of this post is received. Meanwhile, you can check our profile
for more posts which will be receiving payouts earlier.

Thanks for the participation.

All the best !!!

Thank you for the great opportunity, pleaae keep it every week, it will help our steemit people newbie like me.. And it will help out steemitcommunity too

upvoted and followed great idea restreemed


All the best :)

your welcome

upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted and followed. Great Idea for a contest!

What a great idea. Keep it up

I come to find out what you do

Provably fair draw - you get to win SBDs

This post has received gratitude of 2.13% from @appreciator courtesy of @trlotto!

Upvoted. Hope to win.

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