First ever @trlotto draw held at 18:00 UTC, Results are out.

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Wait is over, the first draw results are out.

Pixabay image

We would like to congratulate all the winners. The total reward pool reached for this draw was

31.45 SBD

and 16 Tickers were issued for the first draw.

The random 16 character seed/identifier generated using for the draw


enter image description here

Result generated can be verified from from (identifier at end of url)

enter image description here

Winner Table

Winner NumberTicket NumberUsernameReward
1st3@usmanalishah14.15 SBD
2nd8@surajit7887.86 SBD
3rd5@dwongch4.71 SBD
4th4@saadmehmood3.14 SBD
5th6@rusha1.57 SBD
6th11@imhiteshgarg100% Upvote
7th7@barrelocarrol100% Upvote
8th13@alokkamboj100% Upvote
9th9@ishyobaid1993100% Upvote
10th12@jjb777100% Upvote

Prizes will be transferred to the respective winners shortly. We would like to thank all the participants.

Remember if haven't won anything,

Your ticket is still eligible to get random upvotes for you from @trlotto from time to time.

Next Draw is now open.....

All the best !!!!


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