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RE: Why MLMs are Doomed to Fail (Outside of a Hypothetical)

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like most things, people ruin stuff ---- MLM as a business model is awesome; but people mess it up, being people. For example, what makes a person who's only been involved in ONE MLM think he is qualified to talk about MLM? That's precisely the problem MLM faces; Everyone is an expert. Newbies join MLM and they don't wanna listen to the Old Experienced Leaders; this is why MLM is a problem for so many people; they make it hard on themselves; and with so many people doing this, it's Truly harming the industry as a whole; It's sad to see really .. especially since we live in a time where No one wants to be told that their actions are harming an industry; when they're dead set on blaming the industry .....


I feel qualified because it's not a people problem, it's a math problem. As I explain in this post, it is impossible for more than 50% of people involved to make anything, much less a profit. This isn't conjecture, or opinion, it's a provable fact.

If you have evidence to refute this, I'm all ears. I love the concept of working together and helping achieve a more even distribution of wealth. MLMs, at least the one's I've been exposed to (I've read through several) all use a model that simply does not work for the reasons described above.

that's my entire point; the 'math problem' you're talking about, is an AGE old debate in MLM; known as the "Myth of Saturation" ..... if you were an Experienced networker, you'd understand the conversation you're attempting to talk about. The problem here, is a person with NO experience in MLM at all may think you know what you're talking about, when you actually don't (To no real fault of your own) .... the proof you're asking for, unfortunately is not proof you're really seeking. If you were you wouldn't be writing about it; you'd be searching for the answer. You've already reached a conclusion though; and a "Mind convinced against it's will, is of the same Opinion Still" -------- this happens with all debates; Including Religion; The only people who get answers are those who are SEEKING answers ...... That isn't you; and that's ok; I'm just leaving a comment because I've worked in the MLM Space since 1999; I'm not all positive about MLM either -- but the problem isn't the model; The problem is the People .....

I'm quite open minded to being proven wrong in this instance. I've looked into plenty of MLMs and found no difference. But if you leave a comment that doesn't address why I'm wrong, how can you be taken seriously?

If you actually have a counter point then I apologize for belittling you, but please provide it. If all you want to do is complain about how people always attack MLMs, then consider that of course they will if all they receive are responses like this.

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