Unveiling TIMM - Tentative Timeline

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TIMM is ambitious in its pursuit of mutual profit. Add your ambition to ours!

As a result of our announcement over the weekend, several analysts have approached us with a desire of being among our alpha testers. TIMM still has room for more, so please let us know if you’d like to be included. As a reminder - Successful alpha testers will receive Premium Membership at no cost.

Sometime this evening we’re looking forward to an update of the TIMM site. It’s still really pre-alpha, so there’s not nearly as much reflected in the paint job as is going on under the hood. But, we assure you, it’s a pretty sweet ride with some nice features.

What you can expect

Well, “expect” might be too strong of a term. We all know how development can go. You think you have it all figured out and that it’ll be just as planned, then something is broken and you can’t find that single character in that one command buried in bazillions of lines of code that’s causing TIMM to rebel against it’s makers.

BUT, we do have a general timeline we’re shooting for:

  1. By next Monday (4th) we expect to have the ability for our alpha testers to start blogging from their new Steem powered TIMM blogs. At the same time, readers should be able to open any article on TIMM and login using their Steem credentials so they can upvote, resteem and comment. This is a huge step in rolling out the free features of TIMM.
  2. After that, most of the features will be more focused on Premium Membership services. About a week later (11th), users should be able to start testing various features to see how they work, though there will still be limited functionality.
  3. By the 18th we’re hoping to have the Mentor area set up with the ability to offer Premium Membership, take payments, offer newsletters and integrate social broadcasting features.
  4. Then, hopefully, on the 25th we’ll roll out the rest of the features, including the Trading Pits (TIMM's real time live chat rooms), forums and a tipping feature to promote mutual rewarding in our community.

Realistically, we’ll be tickled to death if all this is ready by the end of June. But this is our goal and we’re encouraged with how things are proceeding and lining up.

Registered Members will have access to quite a few features. We’ll share more about those later. But, as a teaser, you will have access to posting on TIMM from your own Steem powered TIMM blog, complete with your own RSS feed as well as other perks.

Stay tuned to learn more!

Uniting experts and novices for mutual profit!

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Remember guys/gals!

we are looking for creative talent to join us for TIMM's Alpha test. Reach out to us on Discord or shoot us a mail: [email protected] as soon as possible as spots are bound to be filled.

More informaion about Alpha test here!

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