What's the difference between Success and Failure?

in money •  4 months ago

A new year is upon us and with it a countless stream of opportunities. Not every choice is an opportunity, but EVERY OPPORTUNITY offers SUCCESS!


As a Steemian, you probably already follow the crypto markets (at least casually), you're accustomed to getting rewarded for your posts on Steemit, and you see how people succeed every day.

If you don't already have a piece of that success, you're probably wondering why...

There is a key you're missing if you're not a successful person. That key is seeking out and recognizing OPPORTUNITY.

What makes a choice an opportunity is simple;

  1. The choice will change something about your current situation (for the better)
  2. The choice will require an investment (either time, money or knowledge)
  3. The choice will yield a return greater than the investment

Whenever you are faced with an opportunity (no matter how small) TAKE IT. Successful people leverage every possible opportunity!

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Success is different for everyone, for me success is that at the end of the day I can look back, think and feel, that I have been of value, that I have been able to contribute and therefore be happy with who I am and what I am is allowed to do.

AND realize my goals and dreams!

I like to share 3 key words for success with you, who have brought me a lot;

  1. Trust
    -Have confidence in yourself, in your own source of power
    -The trust that the Universe always cares for
    -You do not have to take another education or course to do your thing, because you think you're more right to speak, no, you are good enough.
  • Trust your own abilities and believe in yourself.
    -To express positive affirmations about yourself
    -We also do not have to worry about HOW we realize our dreams, I know from the Law of Attraction that the Universe takes care of that. It is up to us to trust what we do with love, joy and pleasure.
    -Sta open to anything that is possible
    -Have of yourself
  1. Focus
    -Focus can only be kept if it is very clear to you where you want to go. What do you want to achieve? What is your red dot on the wall? What kind of life do you think when you wake up and when you go to bed? Throw away from everything that no longer contributes to leading that happy life.
    -Plan your agenda so that there are only things that give you satisfaction and bring that result
    -We have the power and power to create our own life, yes, you too!

  2. Commitment
    -Commit yourself to achieve your goals and dreams.
    -Do not distract your left and right, to do what you want to do and which are super important to you!
    -Invest in yourself, in your personal growth - Someone who earns 100,000 euros per year, is different than someone who earned 20,000 euros
    -Paid every day time to your dreams, write a lot in your growth & flowering book, even if it is not clear yet is exactly what you want, just continue writing until it feels right.

  • Apply what you have learned in your life, only when you apply what you have learned, you will actually see change. It makes no sense to stare at your mood board once a week, that you have to do every day, make contact every day with that wonderful feeling of happiness, freedom and joy.

It is never 1 thing that leads to success, but a lot of small, right things that lead to it. My biggest change came when I completely embraced myself as an entrepreneur. I know exactly what I have to do here, I can also do it my way and it gives me joy and pleasure!