What's the difference between Success and Failure?

in #money7 years ago

A new year is upon us and with it a countless stream of opportunities. Not every choice is an opportunity, but EVERY OPPORTUNITY offers SUCCESS!


As a Steemian, you probably already follow the crypto markets (at least casually), you're accustomed to getting rewarded for your posts on Steemit, and you see how people succeed every day.

If you don't already have a piece of that success, you're probably wondering why...

There is a key you're missing if you're not a successful person. That key is seeking out and recognizing OPPORTUNITY.

What makes a choice an opportunity is simple;

  1. The choice will change something about your current situation (for the better)
  2. The choice will require an investment (either time, money or knowledge)
  3. The choice will yield a return greater than the investment

Whenever you are faced with an opportunity (no matter how small) TAKE IT. Successful people leverage every possible opportunity!


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