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RE: They Said I Was Crazy But Look Now Who Has Made $$$ LOL - How You Can Do It Also !

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It sounds like the definition of a pyramid/ponzi scheme. Not that that is horrible or anything, and it does not make it a "scam"; it just is what it is. That's cool that it is actually working :) I'll think about signing up.


If it were a Ponzi scheme, it would definitely be a scam. I actually wrote an OK explanation of how a Ponzi works but the one by @joelkatz is honestly better. ... That is to say, the basis of the investment in a ponzi scheme is always fraud.

But this seems like a pyramid marketing scheme. They can be legitimate. Ish. Avon and mary K and Tupperware (back int he day) all have a "pyramid" component to their sales marketing. However, often the promises of a reward are highly exaggerated.

Good point about "Ponzi scheme". I looked up the definition and I was wrong. "Pyramid scheme" is what it is.

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services - Wikipedia

hey cliff it does sound like it, Im not to worried about classifying it though a couple of extra bucks for Christmas is great lol

RIght on. Ponzi Away! :)

lol up, up and way bud lol or so I hope

What do they call that HYI High Yield Investment. So long as there is someone new you can score.

I think so its pretty much low risk and high reward I see the system ticker in the dashboard shows 82k people have registered on the system

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