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How It Started

A Few days ago I saw a post by @lovetosteemit you can read it here, It is basically about a peer to per dontation platform where members join then pay $20 directly to their introducer after that they try to get a few others to join, although that step is not compulsory, I thought about it for a few minutes and decided what the heck the most I can loose is $20, I smoke and drink coffee more than that in a week , so dispite the ridicule (see the above posts comments) I went ahead and registered a few days later, and Boom see bellow !

See that ? from my initial $20 investment I have made $80 ! Wow that is sooo cool ... @mindhunter and @karenmckersie just as I said sometimes taking a leap into the unknown is worth it, sometimes it pays off and sometimes it does not but I tell you what if this amount grows to $1000 I will gladly send each of you $20 lol :)

How You Can Do The Same

Ok so I have not made thousands as yet but who knows this could change ! however if you would like to try this out click here and register

Basically the way this works is kind of like crowd funding, you register under a introducer free the system will then ask you to enter how you would like to be paid, you can list up to 15 methods, from there you pay $20 direct to your one of your introducers listed methods such as paypal, bank account or SBD, they then approve your payment on the system and thats it, now you are ready to start introducing your own people and start earning.

Three Ways To Earn

  1. You Can Earn From Randomly System Placed Members
  2. You Can Earn From Spillover From Your Upline
  3. You Can Earn From Your Own People That You Introduce

My Earnings above is from 2 people I introduced and I am assuming 2 are from spillover as this is a 5 X 5 forced matrix system so the most your can have in your first line is 5 people.

Is This Legal

I have read through the sites documentation and videos essentially the way they put it is that you are making donations directly to your introducer as you would make a gift or a donation of $20 to a friend or family member, no money gets given to a company or entity or is even handled by them, they simply provide the platform free of charge so to me this seems pretty legit.

Is This A Ponzi Or Pyramid

To Be Honest I dont know what to call it as no money is paid to a company or entity, the structure it works in resembles network marketing systems with matrixes, uplines and downlines.

Why I Took The Chance And Registered

Some may call me crazy but I try almost anything at least once before I knock it down, kind of like I did with steemit and look I am still here so it paid off :) even if steemit charge a $20 registration fee (which I dont think is a bad idea) I probably would have done the same besides they way I look at it is...

  1. What Can I loose ?
    The answer to this was $20.
  2. Can I afford to loose $20 ?
    The answer was yes I can.
  3. What Can I gain ?
    After introducing just 1 person I can get back my $20 then stand a chance of making thousands.
  4. Is the risk worth the reward ?
    Yes Definitely.

So at the end of the day I decided to go for the opportunity and as you can see from the above for me it has paid off and I sincerely hope if you take part it will for you also :)

If You Can Afford To Loose $20 And You Would Like To Try This Out For Yourself click here and register

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It sounds like the definition of a pyramid/ponzi scheme. Not that that is horrible or anything, and it does not make it a "scam"; it just is what it is. That's cool that it is actually working :) I'll think about signing up.

If it were a Ponzi scheme, it would definitely be a scam. I actually wrote an OK explanation of how a Ponzi works but the one by @joelkatz is honestly better. ... That is to say, the basis of the investment in a ponzi scheme is always fraud.

But this seems like a pyramid marketing scheme. They can be legitimate. Ish. Avon and mary K and Tupperware (back int he day) all have a "pyramid" component to their sales marketing. However, often the promises of a reward are highly exaggerated.

Good point about "Ponzi scheme". I looked up the definition and I was wrong. "Pyramid scheme" is what it is.

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services - Wikipedia

hey cliff it does sound like it, Im not to worried about classifying it though a couple of extra bucks for Christmas is great lol

RIght on. Ponzi Away! :)

lol up, up and way bud lol or so I hope

What do they call that HYI High Yield Investment. So long as there is someone new you can score.

I think so its pretty much low risk and high reward I see the system ticker in the dashboard shows 82k people have registered on the system

is this not the epitome of the original ponzi scheme.?

To be honest I am not sure, I cant see it going on indefinately though

Very interesting!

Its definitely a interesting experience especially when you get those you have a referral emails lol

Well done I hope this works out for you.

Thank you

Well written. I may consider this.
Tell me though - what does SBD stand for?

Hi Diamondlou, that stands for steemit dollars :)

Thanks mrgrey. Odd - I seen no "B" in "steemit dollars" - but will take your word for it.

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