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RE: $1 Million Bounty For Anyone That Can Hack Litecoin's SegWit Transactions!

in #money7 years ago (edited)

I dont really thing Bitcoin should implement, but im some what of a conservative.
On the security side, well I have no idea, some days I am surprised I can still tie my own shoes! The lightning network could add a great deal of use ability to bitcoin, without having to active segwit I believe. Its doing a great job storing value, should we mess with that?

But Im not a programmer, im just some random guy who talks to plants and animals, occasionally humans


I agree, lightning transactions would surely benefit the user experience of bitcoin and make it much more attractive. But if it really decreases security standards, should we compromise that ?!

Not at all.. better to leave robust and secure. Still beats SWIFT ..... at everything haha

for many, that's actually much more difficult than "talking to computers", especially if you can get the plants and animals to talk back! lol

But Im not a programmer, im just some random guy who talks to plants and animals, occasionally humans

They are always talking, trick is learning how to listen to them ;)

next you gotta learn to talk to stingrays and maybe sea urchins and jellyfish too - glad you made it through okay on that one! :) reminded me a bit when I stepped on a sea urchin as a kid, can't quite compare, but it was NOT pleasant either, to say the least!

anyway, back to trying to crack this segwit thing! lol

Yeah! Thanks brother, Saw the doctor today, I got it easy. Sometimes that whole tail will go through the calf and get logged in there needing lengthy anti biotics ect.... I read the sea urchin has a similar neuro toxin. The mind and pain! I got bit by a dog once and saw my bone and tendon! I went into shock mostly from seeing that part haha. Anyways! Segwit, lets see. Im on the side of bitcoin doesnt have to get faster. I dont think it needs that function. We can use another block chain technology for an instant transfer, bitcoin is doing a great job as a store of far at least!

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