How to build a successful career doing what you love? (Part 3)

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Throughout part 3 of this article series, we’ll continue to “reflect” by focusing on six topics that help illuminate your dream: interests, values, talents, environment, rewards, and current situation.

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You can read part 2 here:

                                        'Use self-reflection to define your dream.
                                                               “Know thyself”

Self-understanding is the cornerstone and foundation we build dreams on. Reflection clears out the mental clutter of other people telling you what to think and how to act. Let’s reflect on the following topics to clarify your goals:

  1. Interests
  2. Values
  3. Talents
  4. Work Environment
  5. Rewards
  6. Your Current Situation

Some of us think reflection is a practice reserved for meditative monks and therapists. “I’m not the contemplative type. . . . Reflection is a waste of time. . . . Why write in a diary when I could go do something?” Push aside your skepticism. The best and brightest practice daily reflection. British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has dozens of notebooks filled with his reflections, lists, and ideas. Writer Stephen King goes for a daily walk to collect his thoughts. Painter Frida Kahlo reportedly wrote in a diary every day.

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Great article. thank you very much.


you're welcome. Hope it is helpful....