How to build a successful career doing what you love? (Part 2)

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In this part, we will start delving into stage 1 (Discover). We will analyze your childhood aspirations to find clues about your personality and predispositions. Then, we’ll reflect on past experiences that shaped you.

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When you’re younger, it’s easy to imagine a million different jobs you would be great at: teacher, movie star, or veterinarian. The sky’s the limit. Then, as we grow up, we start to abandon or compromise our big dreams. “How am I ever going to become a professional pianist? That’s a one-in-a-million shot. . . . Starting my own school would be too hard. Maybe I should just be a teacher at someone else’s school. . . . I’m never going to make any money as an inventor. Maybe I should just apply to medical school.”

Somewhere in the turmoil between adolescence and adulthood, we buy into the following advice: “It’s time to grow up, get serious, and get a real job.” So, we put aside childhood dreams and experiences, believing they have no relevance to our future. This is a mistake. Your past made you the person you are today. Don’t shove it away. Even if your interests have changed, analysis of the past will unearth clues about your personality, motivations, and passions. Let’s look at:

  1. Childhood Aspirations
  2. Discouragement from Dream Thieves
  3. Transforming Hardship into Passion
  4. Past Joys and Journeys
  5. Your Media Inspirations

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