The Truth About Communication Costs And Why Too Much Talk May Kill A Business

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Everybody doesn't need to be on the same page. - Sam Ovens

With great interest I'm always checking new updates from one of my favorite coaches, Sam Ovens.

His latest video Why Communication Is Inefficient really got me. I seldomly stop working in order to watch a 50-minute Youtube video, but this time it was totally worth it.

Most people believe that the more communication you have in an organization the merrier. There seems to be an insane need to constantly get everybody on the same page. The video I'm going to share with you today may really open your eyes and teach you that the opposite is true.

Whether you're running your own business or working as an employee for someone else, knowing that communication comes with a price tag is a key information.

Here's to the great benefits of efficient work models and the danger of communication lines in business.


Do more. Talk less.

Naturally as participants of the information technology people consider communication being an asset. The more we talk, the merrier.

Yet, against that popular belief, communication can become a serious threat to business if not managed accordingly.

If you want your business to be efficient and cost-effective, you'd definitely want to make a difference between fostering constant communication vs. being transparent and providing relevant (!) information to the right people.

The following video has been a real eye-opener to me in that context, and I really hope it will be the same for you.

These may become the best 50 minutes of time ever invested in your life :-)

Let me know how if you consider it being valuable!

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I'm only at minute 5 and laughing at the spreadsheet :)

More people, more talking = less efficiency and productive time. Quite a simple way to formulate but it makes sense.

A quote from probably the most informative IT book ever written - The Mythical Man-Month.

When a task cannot be partitioned because of sequential constraints, the application of more effort has no effect on the schedule. The bearing of a child takes nine months, no matter how many women are assigned. Many software tasks have this characteristic because of the sequential nature of debugging. [page 17]

Ha, what a great quote!!

The spreadsheet is mind blowing and I was giggling too 😄
Enjoy the rest of it; it’s getting even better hehe

My favorite part: Meetings are worthless. 😎

hahaha - Open plan offices!

I'm sure that's part of the reason for my temporary insanity at a previous place of work. Impossible to concentrate with 70 people in a huge room. I had to wear headphones and play music, and then would get really frustrated when someone would tap on my shoulder cause it would make me jump!

Not on to meetings yet, but yeah, waste of time for the most part!

Interrupting someone is not OK

I never watch the News, it's bullshit

I like this guy :)

Hahaha me too!!!

I really know these type of work ambients and it’s absolutely impossible to be efficient in them.

Great to see you have fun watching it!!! ;)

It was well worth a listen. I'm sure it will have some people/businesses up in arms and disagreeing but he makes a lot of valid points.

Opening out the people, but not information individuals might need does make little sense.

So glad I don't have my back to 60+ people and a stairwell that could produce 1000's more. No wonder it drove me mad!

Wow, that quote got me.

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I think @wmougayar did a great infographics on crypto companies marketing needs.

How's your nonprofit going?

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Hey @awesomianist! Good to see you again ;)

I saw that chart being linked on Twitter.

The charity always takes a break during winter - same happened last year - since swimming in the icecold ocean is really not much fun, hehe

Ah! Forgot its the winter in the Canary Island!

And wow it's 16`, that's my Air conditioner set to the lowest possible temperature!!

Sometimes I wish to emigrate of one of the counties in the Mediterranean climate. Nice weather when it's winter and when it's hot it'll remind me of home😁.

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I just sat in a 2 hour meeting, had to leave early and they were still talking for 2 more hours. Don't feel like it's entirely wasted time because I'm going to write a post about it here. But in general, meetings don't add much value and just stop people from creating.

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