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Hello Fellow Steemians,


Last week's DASH price is $173 with a difficulty of 653k, The current DASH price is $194 with a difficulty of 641k.
A total decrease of 653k/641k=%-1.5 in difficulty and a total increase of $194/$173=%12.1 in price !!!


So far my total investment was $58.1 at the time of purchasing the contract the equivalent of 0.317 DASH and i got 0.02541534/0.317 DASH which is %8 of my investment, meaning that with the current DASH price of $194 i made 0.02541534*$194=$4.93/$58.1=%8.4 :)


You might be wondering why i'm keeping track in both DASH and USD it's because to find out (after the ROI) wether it was better to hold or mine DASH with a %29 average monthly difficulty increase (calculated that in the first post) since i'm not going to sell until DASH hits $327 :)

So Best Of Luck With Your Mining, Resteem This Post If You Know Somebody Who Still Thinks Genesis Mining Is A Scam And Have A Good Day :)


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So many people think you can buy a $30 mining contract, never upgrade and continue to rake in payments. It doesn't work like that - even banks don't work like that.

If I put $30.00 in a savings or money market, I'm looking at a yearly APR between 0.01 % and 1.00%. At worst we'd be looking at $0.03 for the low end and $3.00 on the high end. Now tell me a mining contract wouldn't do better than that using the minimum contract purchase at Genesis!

Maybe not rake in payments, but get enough payment to make all of your principle back would be nice.
That said, I'm still waiting for Genesis to pay me for the whole month of July for the Dash contract I purchase when they reopened them at the end of June (bad timing of the 30 day credit card hold and the payment fiasco). The payments I'm missing is about 10% of the principle, so it's not just a pittance.

That is some tough luck. I just got a small Dash payment last night when I checked my wallet. I wonder how they delegate the payments?

Thanks For The Upvote And Resteem :) I Would Upgrade My DASH X11 Contracts Regularly But Genesis Are Out Of X11 Mining Contracts :(

Shows how much I've been paying attention to my contracts... Give it time, I'm sure they will upgrade soon enough.

I wish they had LTC contracts open again, myself!

Are you receiving your payouts lately ? The last payout I have received was on 2nd of Aug !!!

My last payment was on August 6th, but it's getting smaller .. I guess it will not be ROI until the end of my X11 Dash contract.

My Last Payout Was On The 6th Of Augest, They Have Been Holding Payouts Because Of A Recent Breach Of Their System :(

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Good Luck!

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I used Genesis Mining a couple of years back for mining bitcoin, but at the time seemed to better with my scrypt mining rigs converting alt coins to bitcoin. I think I need to reexamine using Genesis since I shut down my rigs last summer when I discovered I was paying more for electricity than I was generating in Bitcoin.

Genesis Mining Is Definetly A Good Investment Check My ROI Calculation Post That I Made A Few Weeks Ago : Here