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IMF says dollar overvalued

So, it is not only Trump who is calling for a weaker dollar.
I see the central banks' plan as fighting deflation with a weaker dollar policy.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund on Friday said that the U.S. dollar was overvalued by 10 percent to 20 percent, based on U.S. near-term economic fundamentals, while it viewed valuations of the euro, Japan's yen, and China's yuan as broadly in line with fundamentals.

The IMF's External Sector Report - an annual assessment of currencies and external surpluses and deficits of major economies - showed that external current account deficits were becoming more concentrated in certain advanced economies such as the United States and Britain, while surpluses remained persistent in China and Germany.
Read REUTERS business news 28 July 2017 IMF says dollar overvalued; euro, yen, yuan broadly in line with fundamentals by David Lawder

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I should have added this previous post in the "related" section as a reference and reminder for what is really happening.


Thanks for this post. It's a bit insane how the Fed controls the entire financial world's fate in its pudgy fingers.

@boomshikha Unfortunately, the monetary empire must be controlled by some ruler, what I find insane is how many individuals still don't realize the people on earth are slaves.
The best slave is the one who falsely believes he is free.