The money was not poor

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why is there so much month Left at the and of my money?

The money is the second God for everyone ..
But if someone is not denied?
Yes, I accept?
The answer is simple.
First money.

I can not even parents to face course, if the parent is not a penalty is not heroic, heroic resolve any parent not want to make children for ever solved, but the school still can not monetize that because of a self-sustaining if not sat ... search parents after graduation money I'll be around if a parent does not mean you can not get along very reflection of parents
The second thing without money
Relatives face each other .. set of money in order to do that you will ever see ..
One-third characterized in clothing worn battered, broken, and try me in your eyes if you do not yet accepted in the wrong disrespecting cost more especially girls anoint J .. What kind of makeup he wore much gold
Can I get a hold of a good Purse, full address, it is necessary to hold the phone, and how many tons of force if faulty girl, I see a lot of women do not even want to say something ... I'd be more than a hermit than open to those with the ability to think I'm back What talent .. How to help boost their own qualifications. I think if you compete with yourself,

Third, without the money ..

How can I live across Rangoon less noticeable .. .. apartment rented rooms for people without their own personality and really takes ..
Make yourself at home while their parents like warm can be noted that the struggle of life, as well as from without random. Have you ever felt lied

Without this money ..

I can face my friends I'll just go along with associates as well, for example, to buy bread choked if my friends are out all the time .. I will not work in question were covered by your friends, you can think that you will be small ..
Now, about money, that's all ..
Yes .. I love money, money, money and sweat without harm anyone seeking the truth .. That money parents, I used a small, in-person and face God is second

When facing rural followers failure
0 followers almost everyone'd ever fail. How in any field always are exposed to any failure of the game. If you do not ever fail to proceed to the next journey will encounter failure is not necessarily.
The problem is that most people fail to give itself already happens here. Ailments and failed several times. Failure of the quake, Were injured, I have long enjoyed. But the failure of operations, we came to know the importance of failure. Our new lesson in life, to fail Gain new experience, We have become mature, Philosophy of life, This increase in new vision, people Business, About money, will understand more. rEQUIREMENTS See the mistakes, so we can prepare a better body with the.
Failure is a part of life reproduced. However, if you are experiencing a failure of failure can be extremely useful, You can not know the importance. Failure to wear while very painful. Well, I was feeling well at times. Cash received from the failure to follow the lessons throughout the value of life can not be helpful. If financial shoe to me drones have repeatedly experienced failure, the lessons of life as the result of what happened? Let's see
Poor financial

Money is favored over the poor
Did not actually eat someone feet ငိ့ helps cometh rights should be 0 at any time seen best of luck I think he showed that for the 0 to step utilization whether manually choose the best bike poor fortune Can I get different results Different periods can be divided to the poor financial capital increase through cash than on rural low, I still do some sediments exhibited by mosquitoes, to be able to make things easy just do not have access to your benefit as much success
This can provide a little bit of financial opportunities steemit payments arising fees speaker, like good writing effective writing those funds if we can get a lot of vote vulnerable
steemit continue to have a chance to look at the speaker's efforts need
Financial obligation

Even if the currency currency There are some things I have not soar high barn separated families make money then I do without love and love of the platform is a financial consider wrath philosophy takes
Fun to be careful, too small if the missing item can do

Happiness keywords

ONCE A shopkeeper wise person's happiness encryption keywords to learn his son was released.

Across the desert for 40 days on the top of a hill when the wise man who lives in a beautiful castle I was young when the oil.

The young guests into the hall castles 0 when people swarm around movement seeks saw. 0 out process, merchants were also found. The register is the portfolio were seeing and talking about the portfolio. A round, soft music instruments are played skillfully. Some of the table array. On the table was a dish full of food prepared slices guest reception.

The boy saw the great wisdom among people. His personality, Style 0 see very clearly that this is a wise big boy . Wise said, everybody has been greeting guests whilst the conversation. The boy's why I had to wait two hours to get the rotation. Eventually, the young man turned to you.

Though he was in a great wise man tells about why they became boisterous. Wise was a boy, I listened very carefully to all. After the young man tell the wise man who now, as a young man to explain the secrets of happiness 0 keywords is still busy, Want to see the young man in the vicinity of this moment, I want to return to him again after about two hours, About that time, then told he had been nearly empty.

"I still see one you want me"

Ellipsis spoon wise to give the young man said.

"When you follow this with a spoon. However, with a tablespoon of oil to spill "

The boy said the wise man says spoon bow and went round started out to watch. He was going up the stairs There will be no room inside and outside of the continent down out of room. But because it's fear of the oil spill could not tear his eyes from the dishes are.

When the full two hours, the wise and the young man came back into the hall.

"Our dining room is a freelance Do you see the Persian silk painting. The garden of the Central (10) years at the seedling placed in gardens. I see a small room in a beautiful leather scroll and shape Do you notice "

The young man and the wise man asked.

Though he was in dead chickens died suddenly. That did notice anything. Always wise to invite his attention to her, lying on his hand spoon nine. He spoke wise man began to walk, was unaware that the contents of 0.

"So my fantastically unique study to go again"

The wise man told the boy a little smile.

Though he was wise because it's not blame him quite a sense of relief. Picked up the dishes in the castle, As well as to learn more once excitedly off.

This time the young man was hung at the entire castle built-in art for a thorough study. Garden view was thorough. Judge the big blue backdrop of beautifully blossom flower who feel small. Early in the castle's interior space left spaces, all carefully marked.

When the young man returned to the wise man seen a leave of all back issues. Listening to the wise man smiled.

"So, Invite centered care is your responsibility to my children "

Wise Question In the end, the young man was a savage hand and looks down from a spoon editing. But longer each remaining oil in the spoon.

"Now, My advice one can give you "

The wise man said emphatically.

"In fact, the mere encryption 0 keywords and world magnificent experience, Great efforts, And have fun, Enjoy surprising dishes inside machines while trying to forget "

The boy's eyes are properly understood something, I had the brilliant colors.

Sometimes the same tasks we do constantly sinking. We have a head job, Karachi Business, About money, Sometimes full of prosperity, just about content. The vast majority of our time because they passed away.

We should value 0 there is the love of family. Will work through our insured are friends of friends. We should contribute to long for the environment.
Username reached for help is needed there is a human. When these things should also be places where our. 0 should make time. That should be appreciated. We should care. Should be emphasized.
In fact, happiness secrets 0 keywords tablespoons of oil in the environment while maintaining a small splashes surprise seemed to enjoy numerous occasions emphasized 0 business start-ups in their love of the environment, The feeling was emphasized here

I'll try writing like a friend, so please read them prefer can vote please


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