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RE: On money free living in urban settings

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Not necessarily.... they just have to find other ways to 'trade'.... for example Carolien above effectively bartered work for food.... of course you could say they are still dependent on the broader money-system, but then again such individual life-experiments can never overcome that, that requires more co-ordination.. Elf Pavlick is much more into that than Carolien Hoogland.

P.S. I had a quick trawl through yer steem DB. Hows the self-voting experiment going? I'm constantly tempted to only self-vote, but I just have this intuition that sharing it round is going to be better for me in the long run!


I admire those who attempt to become self sufficient such as papa-pepper on steemit. To me, this is the best way of becoming money free. But living without money by using other people’s (ie living at their house where they pay rent or eating their food they bought with money they earns) isn’t really becoming money free and can only last so long before people throw you out and you have to start again. I also think this is sponging. If they are bartering or working for a room or for a meal etc then that’s slightly different. Ideally I would love to have a small holding where I was as self sufficient as possible but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Regarding self voting I agree it can be an issue, but I view it as no different to buying votes which is widely accepted or using bots. If steemit banner all bots and vote buying I would reassess my position. I see many whales self voting with hundred dollar upvotes so it’s an accepted practice. I originally intended to create detailed articles daily on subjects not dissimilar to your blog, but Iam just too busy at present so I try to comment where I can and yes, self upvote!

Thanks for the comment - I know everyone does it - and it's certainly a way of earning a reasonable second income!

Don't worry I'm not about to go all hyper-critical on you - we're all in different situations, and as you say you've just gotta do what you gotta do to earn a crust, depending on circumstance.

As to @papa-pepper - with the amount he's already earned on here, I think he's probably well on his way to being financially independent, so he's got no need to be self-sufficient, which makes that whole trip a lot more fun!

That's early adoption for you I guess.

No worries. I never saw it as hyper critical, possibly a fldufference of opinion. It’s goid to have open discussions on here without being flagged or swamped with stilupid ‘good post’ type comments!

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