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RE: On money free living in urban settings

in #money4 years ago

Hey thanks - I do find it inspiring - although I'm not anti-money (more anti elements of the fiat-system), I just think life would be a lot more secure if you can be comfortable on £500 a month rather than £1500!

I'm with you on the whole off-grid stuff - I really just wish my bloody flat would sell so I can disappear to West Wales and get stuck in myself.


Is west Wales back in the running? Let me know if you would like me to keep an eye out for suitable properties.

Or if you want to go 'money free' you could always try living in a van of some sort for a while...

It certainly is - and I'd appreciate it if you could.

I'm thinking of doing a reckie after the Bgham event, possibly anyway, seeing as I'll be half way there anyway!

Good stuff. Message me with more details of what you are looking for and I'll scout around.

I'm hoping to get to the Birmingham event too.

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