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    Admit that it has become very difficult today to make money on the Internet, even with these many Affiliate Programs that were previously cow’s milk. Why? Because almost everyone is involved more or less in an Affiliate Program (1Tpe.com, Click bank, Commission Junction, Amazon, ...) or in another Business Online (Blogging, Personal Website, Online Store, Network Marketing, ...).

    It seems obvious that if you promote a product on a platform given, people really interested in this product are very restricted when 95% of your prospects are also affiliated on the same platform that you and certainly are promoting the same products as you.

    Nowadays, everyone has one or more blogs, one or more websites, one or more several online shops, and one or more affiliate links to promote...
    How are you going to get out? Who will buy your affiliate products or personal services unless they are emergent, exceptionally excellent, or even indispensable ?

    Do not worry ! You can also make money

    There is a proverb that says :

    “It's the small streams that make the big rivers”

    So, it’s the accumulation of small things (or small sums of money) that can constitute in the long run a very important set …

    If it's hard for you to win 1,000 $, 2,000 $ or 3,000 $ at one time (because so many people like you do the same thing), you can still pocket those sums a month by diversifying your portfolio of activities online. At present, only diversification can help you to succeed.

    Without further ado I will show you immediately the 6 Business Opportunities or 6 Strategies :



    Everyone today has cell phones, iPhone, tablets, ..., and is able to take any video or photo to any what moment.

    You can do the same. Take pictures or videos that come out one little of the ordinary and simply put them on sale on photo or video websites.

    At every time someone downloads one of your works, you will earn money.

    Here are some websites on which you can sell your masterpieces:

    • http://my.fotolia.com
    • http://www.shutterstock.com
    • http://www.bigstockphoto.com

      You must register on several of these websites and deposit about 5 photos/day to reach around 300 USD/month.

      Search Google for more Sites.



      Ashley Qualls, a 17-year-old teenager, earns 70,000 $ / Month with AdSense. His site attracts 250,000 unique visitors a day.

      Blogger and webmaster Jeremy Shoemaker, alias "Shoe money", wins easily the 140,000 $ / Month with AdSense.

      Markus Frind of Plentyoffish.com, meanwhile, wins about 1 Million $ / Month with AdSense. Its online dating site attracts about 2 million visitors a day!

      Even if you can’t reach this exorbitant income per month, you can optimize your blog or website to earn 300 $ / month.

      There are 5 secrets to maximizing your AdSense earnings:

      • Your Blog/Website must have an attractive Design and Quality Content.
      • You must filter the ads that must appear on your sites.
      • Do Tests to find out which ad blocks are maximizing.
      • Massive traffic must be sent to your Sites.
      • You should never cheat or click on your ads yourself.

        If you make an effort to respect these small rules, earning several hundred dollars a month with AdSense should never be a problem.

        All these people I mentioned above, have simple websites but the content interests thousands and thousands of people. When People is will visit your site or blog that they will be tempted to click on your AdSense ads.

        You should not motivate them to click on your ads using any tips, its fraud and maybe you will be banned easily and permanently from the AdSense program by doing so.

        How to attract massive traffic to your blog or website:

        • Interact in FACEBOOK groups
        • COMMENT on blogs thoughtfully
        • Implement SEO
        • Share by "BOOKMARKING SOCIAL"
        • Write GUEST ARTICLES
        • Participate in FORUMS
        • Pay for the ADS
        • Make a connection with your NEWSLETTER
        • Refresh old articles
        • Develop your Public Relations



        Whatever it says, the surveys are still relevant and they continue to report the 500 USD, 800 USD or even more, every month to some on the Internet. Everything depends on number and quality of the survey web sites on which you register.

        If survey websites pay 2 USD / survey, others do not hesitate to pay 10 USD or even 15 USD / survey.

        Then find 10 or 20 good websites and participate in about 5 surveys with each of these websites per month and your 300 USD are guaranteed with this single activity. 300 USD is the minimum that I would like you to win with this one opportunity and you will win by following my advice.

        I found 5 good surveys websites on which you can register and these websites pay well. Of course, 5 websites are not enough. You have to find another 15 and register on at least 20 websites to guarantee your 300 USD / month.

        Here are these Websites:



        One of the best ways to get money at all times is to write small eBooks on a subject that is of interest to many people and to distribute it freely and massively around you (or to sell it at a low price if you wish).

        The eBook you are going to write must be rich in information, solve a serious problem that your target constantly encounters, and be written in clear, understandable English with few mistakes.

        No matter how long your report. You can give complete solutions to a serious problem in 5, 6 or 10 pages! If the eBook is free or cheaper (5USD, 9USD, 19USD maximum) and it meets the small criteria that I just listed above, you have won the jackpot. People will buy or read your book massively and this will guarantee at least 300USD per month. You could put your eBooks up for sale on affiliate platforms.

        Here are some hot topics that you can discuss in your eBooks :

        Google+, Facebook, Internet Marketing, YouTube, emailing, Video Production, Weight Loss, Affiliation, Fertility, Secrets of Pregnancy, WP Plugins,

        Finally, you can write on any subject you control as long as it interests your target or a large part of Internet users in general.

        Below are some websites where you can sell your eBook :



        Affiliation is big but the old ways to promote the products of an affiliate platform are over.

        A few years ago, it was only necessary to send emails to some acquaintances or to launch a small CPC campaign (Cost per Click) on Google to cash thousands of dollars of Commissions every month. These techniques are still relevant but we must improve them to hope to live on the affiliation because, almost everyone today is involved in the affiliation and this activity only works for the smartest, the most talented and the most knowledgeable.

        We are talking to you about affiliation because many people managed to forge a small fortune on 1TPE.COM and CLICKBANK thanks to the affiliation.

        Even today, this activity continues to pay off. We will try to give you some tips to reach for sure the 300USD / Month of commissions.

        Of course, following our recommendations, you could easily exceed the 1,000 € / month mark with this activity alone !

        • Nowadays, no one sends traffic directly to the sales page of a product. Have yourself build a very professional Capture Page and send everything your traffic on this page to capture email addresses and then send Professional emails to your subscriber list.

        • CPC is a good way to get traffic to your Capture Pages and quickly grow your subscriber list. But beware, you must optimize your campaigns to spend less and earn more. We recommend Bing Ads instead of Google AdWords.

        • Once you have a good number of subscribers, Marketing by email is essential. It is cheaper and more profitable to promote your affiliate links by email. But be careful, you have to master the art of writing piercing emails.



        Today, most companies have websites and blogs but they do not necessarily have the time or the skill to handle all aspects or requirements of these websites and blogs.

        If for example you have web editor skills, you can win enough money on the Internet. You can write eBooks, websites for companies, articles for blogs or e-zines, sales pages, contracts, Terms and Conditions, scripts for videos, impactful emails for companies.

        • If you are bilingual, you can also make a lot of money online with this one activity. For reasons of globalization or internationalization, most websites are now written in several languages. Speaking several languages can be a great asset for you. You can translate websites for companies, translate emails or documents of any kind and make a good living with it. You can find on Google several websites on which you can sell your talents of translator or interpreter.

        • If you master Network Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +,…), you are also on your way to making a living on the Internet. Most companies need someone to write optimized profiles and manage their accounts on a daily basis. If you land such a contract, you could be very well paid. If you are interested in this tempting job, I advise you to search Google for a list of companies interested in your services.

        I hope this training will be useful for you dear readers.




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