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RE: Greg Hunter Interview: Bill Holter -- Inflate or Die

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Your article makes me think once again about the gold value, Why is it valuable? if it is no interesting chemically, as Churchill said: "Gold is the worst element to be a currency".


I do not think physical gold currency is possible today.

However, gold has been a recognized store of value. Russia and China have been accumulating gold.
In India gold is more of a status item.
Throughout the centuries people have always valued gold.

Will there be a digital gold currency one day? That is to be seen.

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That's true, I'm always asking that due to in Peru there are several important mining companies, unfortunately, these companies, even informal miners are destroying our nature, polluting the water and ground, taking lands away from the people, so just for this mineral. There are cases of protest where native people died defending their lands. At the end, I think water is more important than gold.

That is correct. Water is more important to life than gold.

There are ways to mine that do not destroy the environment. The use of mercury or chemicals is very hazardous to the environment, no matter how safely they are handled. Doing it right, cost more and takes more time.

Full disclosure: I am a gold prospector using gravity to prospect for gold. Using the tools nature provides is slower but rewarding. Gold prospectors using this method remove lead, mercury, and other heavy metals from streams and rivers.

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