The r0ach report 23: The Achilles heel of cryptocurrency economic fundamentals - Seigniorage fee

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The difference in cost of production and face value of a monetary instrument is called seigniorage fee. If the cost of a dollar bill is something like four cents to create but you pay the government 96 extra cents for it, that's called you being ripped off by orders of magnitude and the government using the ripoff profits to fund it's mafia. In the big picture, you're always going to be getting hit with some type of seigniorage fee no matter what you use, but the key is to minimize it.

Now that we've established you need to be a moron to buy paper, fiat currency, let's examine how this relates to craptocurrency. Humans live in a generally closed ecosystem, and since the peak of the industrial age, cost of production generally only goes up for the noble metals as the free market takes all the low hanging fruit first. This means seigniorage fee is mostly always going to be on your side holding those instruments. Bitcoin on the other hand, has a floating cost of production function where production cost is recursive based on it's own demand.

Metals are a non-recursive system since cost of production is always a derivative of the external energy market. This is an important point to make since anyone from a programming background knows recursive systems are a flimsy house of cards with a single problem variable. The problem variable is that the cost of production for bitcoin can go down just as easily as it goes up. This makes it a very unsound monetary instrument in terms of seigniorage fee compared to virtually every other "asset" on the planet since the other assets are generally not recursive.

In case you lack any common sense whatsoever and haven't figured out bitcoin doesn't actually exist in the real world and is mostly imaginary, I would say any system built on recursion disqualifies itself from being an "asset" in the first place.

There are virtually no fundamentals whatsoever in terms of seigniorage fee in bitcoin and contrary to current day opinion, fundamentals actually do matter. It's basically designed to be nothing more than a pump and dump in other words. (i.e. You can never say "oh, I got a good deal buying bitcoin at $100 or $10,000. Everything over $0 is a seigniorage fee in bitcoin so you are generally always being ripped off no matter what you pay, unlike physical assets even as lowly as toilet paper).

(image - Wikipedia - ID Software DOOM)

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good job.thanks for share with us.resteemed

With LedgerX you now have options on Bitcoin. The big boys are coming now they can hedge their positions. Your argument is interesting. The dame logic applied to US Dollar and most fiat currencies. You just have to decide which story on money you chose to live into. Eg US Dollar vs Bitcoin vs Gold. Or how about diversifying and playing them all with hedges. just a thought.