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RE: Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

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Yes I am sorry I invested in Veritaseum I only made 4 x my initial investment selling 20% of my holdings. It is you my friend that sound like a douche bag whose research focused on website quality blinded you from the best investment you would likely ever make.


I'm happy you made money....people can make money on scams and ponzis. I never said people can't money in those.

But, you think I'm a douche bag because I think it's a scam? Cool man, thanks for the awesome debate.

Dude you started the douche bag stuff in your post. And yes to some degree you are right anyone doing their due diligence will ask some of the questions you raise. @reggiemiddleton is not a typical team of computer nerd blockchain developers. The typical operation will have very competent IT resources but many a good website lacks any substance.
None of what you say matters it basically comes down to whether Reggie is a man of vision that wants to succeed in his endeavors or a scam artist. If he fails but gave it a good shake then that is the risk you are prepared to take and hats off to him.
He has shown evidence of real business deals around this opportunity and as far as I am concerned this puts him ahead of 90% of other projects in the marketplace.
Most cryptos today start with script kiddies that evolve into business models. It is inevitable that blockchain projects will increasingly start from business down and many will likely be more successful overtime and it is quite possible veritaseum could be one of those. It really just comes downs to Reggie's character and you seem hellbent on assassinating that character before giving him his chance.

I don't disagree with you there. His character is in serious question for me for sure, along with the overall shady (my opinion) way just about every aspect of coin is being marketed. It is so obvious to me, I'm having a hard time communicating to the 99% of Steemians who diasagree.

And nobody here as to agree with me, but do I not have the right to post what I believe? I'm not asking you go give me any money or even read the post. I'm staying my opinion.

That's fine nobody says you can't state your opinion but it is no need to be a well poisoner and attack someone's character when you have no basis to do so give him a chance all should be considered innocent till proven guilty.

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