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Quick Recap:

Starting September 23rd, 2019, I embarked on the journey to turn $5000 into one million dollars by trading stocks and cryptocurrencies in a way that anybody can replicate. I am using Tastyworks as my main trading platform for stocks and options (You can sign up for your own account with my referral link)

For crypto, I am mostly using Binance and KuCoin.  You can sign up for Binance and KuCoin with my referral links as well. See the Day 1 Blog for my exact trading strategy


Day 15: 

My vacation with the family is almost coming to an end!

The vacation has been awesome.  The Canadian Province of Quebec is literally Europe in North America!  

This is a whole different experience.  On the final day here in Quebec City, we went to the biggest bookstore here, Renaud-Bray, and it was so weird seeing my childhood Manga of Dragonball, in French!  

It was such a trip...

Anyways, the stock market today didn't do much of anything.  It just traded in a very tight range for the whole day.

However, I do think it has a potential upside in the next couple days to exhaust it's final upwards energy.

I am thinking it tests the 2975 mark in the next couple days, and then go down from there.

That means tomorrow would be a great opportunity to do another Iron Condor with a bigger range to the downside.

The plan is to make a trade before I get on the plane flying back home.  

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.