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RE: Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

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Again, no one cares about your gay ass aproval. the steemit community will sort it out free market styal. How about you guys just end this aproval thing and let the free market run free?

Hopefully Steemit can eventually prevent bots. They could destroy the very thing Steemit was designed for.

So you support unfounded character assassinations?

Unfounded? Read the article. I made money on Veri and I'm still holding some, but I'm in full agreement that it's a scam. You can often make more money scamming people than you ever could from a legit venture. I don't like scammers but I like making money and I don't feel too badly about this one considering the hilarious zealots who vehemently defend something so blatantly worthless.

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