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I. Overview

Founded in 2015, a team lead by Erik Arokszallasi and Trung Dao Ha had a mission to make business profit by solving social problems. TE-FOOD is a successful food traceability solution dedicated to improve food safety, fight off corruption, support fair trade, and build trust between the food supply chain companies, consumers, and authorities in the emerging markets.

II. Technical Specifications


Ticker: TFD

Algorithm: ERC20

Total Supply: 568 million (August 23rd 2018)

Current Supply: 495 million (August 23rd 2018)

Protocol: N/A

Market Cap All Time High: 26 million (May 6th 2018)

Exchange: IDEX, Kucoin, DDEX, Dex.top

III. Fundamental Specifications

Business social problems can be solve by TE-FOOD because TE-FOOD is a successful farm-to-table livestock and fresh food traceability solution. The items are tracked by TE-FOOD through the whole supply chain from farms to retailers and allows both consumers and authorities to gain food history and food quality insights. Ever wondered why certain products especially dairy products taste weird sometimes? Wonder no more because this can be solve with TE-FOOD by having information history throughout the whole process from producers to consumers.

TE-FOOD has the mission to make the food industry more transparent to the public in order to reduce the scale and effect of epidemics and food frauds in emerging countries around the world and at the same time educate people through incentivizing conscious consumer behavior. TE-FOOD uses traceability tools like plastic security seals, label stickers, RFID tags, printed paper bags and TE-FOOD scale labels to fulfill their goals. It has been two years since TE-FOOD has been implemented in Vietnam and since then it has grown to over 6000+ business customers, tracking 12,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens and 2.5 million eggs daily. The team also has plans to extend their tracking system to track cattle, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables. Food-borne diseases are at an epidemic phase therefore incorporating TE-FOOD to the supply chain would be a benefit.

IV. Coin Index

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Interesting concept, thanks for sharing! Will keep an eye on the project.

Second best hungarian ico..:)

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that is so nice from you guys to think about food
but it will be much good thing if you will help people that can't get food

Certainly I do agree with you. This is an encryptopedia so it’s just a brief summary of a coin. Thanks for reading !

Great project

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Good pick! A project who is fast expanding in USA, Africa, South Korea,Hungary and Italy. Token now at 1 cent per piece is the cheapest you can get with partners like Deloitte and Food and Agriculture of United Nations

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@minhnguyen1994 Really great post, and i like the welfare of livestock because i m a zoologist by profession.

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Hi @minhnguyen1994

I haven't heard from you in a while so I figured out that I will check your profile. Just to discover that you didn't post anything in a long time :(

Hopefully you did not give up on Steemit?


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Hellos, if you want i can translate your post into spanish for a perquisite, you will have more followers in different language.

I have caught TE-FOOD as a good project since their ico, and also dev team follow the roadmap as they said,so thank for the info

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