The truth about money

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There was a very great video I came across on YouTube, which was by Coldfusion. It talks about the history behind the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank, and the truth about our Debt-based monetary system currently in place. He even mentions financial alternatives such as using cryptocurrencies.

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That's so mad I just posted on money - literally 30 seconds after you!! We are all part of one collective consciousness?!

lol mine is more of sharing a video about money

@willstephens and @mdog....we are all thinking on the same lines today. Here's my post on money

It's amazing how few people know about this stuff. Very few know what the federal reserve even is let alone that it's technically unconstitutional. The entire world is controlled by institutions 95% of the population know nothing about. When BRICS formed I couldn't stop talking about how huge and historical it was, all I ever got in response were crickets.

they do teach about the Federal Reserve in school, but according to my teacher, it's owned and regulated by the government, which is far from the truth. in this debt-based monetary system, growth is sustained through debt in which there's no such thing as being debt-free. most americans talk about paying off our $20 trillion debt, but is that really going to happen? the only thing getting worse is inflation, and soon our fiat money will be worthless

It's already worthless. We basically use oil (an outdated resource used for outdated technology) to back it. AKA inflated shit-currency riding on old tech about to pop.

more and more people are learning about this

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how did you watch an 21 minute video in less than 1 minute of me posting it? :P

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Cryptocurrency is the future of money. We've been going this way for a while now. You can currently wave your card over a card reader and your transactions complete. We went from coins to paper, paper to plastic and the next step is a purely electronic currency. It's inevitable. It's a lot harder to monopolize a currency if people can mine their own.

money money

I'll put this on while I get some dinner going - Thanks for sharing.